Hello from frozen Minnesota

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Boxer Pal
I am a 25 yr old Mom, who runs a daycare out of my home. I had a boxer given to me as a wedding present. He is the center of attention in our house. His name is Duke and is brindel and has a black mask with a white strip down the center of his face. I would like to meet other people with boxers. I think this is the best breed of dogs around. Joyful, fun, loyal and protective. He is so good with the daycare kids. OH Yeah and adorable!!!.


Super Boxer
Rocco and Dino give big slobbery welcome kisses from Hermantown, MN.

You're right - boxers are the sweetest dogs EVER!


Super Boxer
Welcome to BW! I'm from the Twin Cities, but am serving in New Mexico right now - I know it sounds strange, but I miss the snow!!!


Boxer Insane
Welcome to BW from myself and GDOGS from the flatlands of Nebraska

MoM & DaD of GDOGS 8/18/05 Brindle,Docked,Floppy and full of Zest
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