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Hey everybody! Just wanted to post a quick note to introduce myself. My name's Meri and I have a year and a half old boxer named Trevor. He's a great dog! My husband and I adore him. He makes us laugh constantly. One of the funny things he does is this: When he finishes eating, he goes right to his favorite blanket (or sometimes the couch) and wipes his face all over it, like a napkin!


Super Boxer
Hi Meri and welcome to the board! I had a post asking if other boxers wipe their face too :) and of course they do! Zach is famous for that. He usually goes to the couch first and finishes off under the covers of my bed.
You are going to love this board.


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I think all boxers wipe their face on the sofa, bedspread, chair, leg of owner whatever they can bury their face in and push and wipe at the same time. too funny.


Boxer Insane
Hi Meri, welcome to the board :)
My Tina wipes her face even on the floor - she stands in a wierd pose, her butt up, presses her muzzle against the floor and wipe on it! :D

Tina - fawn, natural ears, born September 1996; sweetie and cutie


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We keep a pile of old newspapers on the floor waiting to be taken to the recycling bin outside and when our girl finishes eating she always runs and wipes her face on the papers. Make quite a mess but I guess it is better that a messy sofa or carpet.
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