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Thought I'd say hello, as I'll be around doing things in the background from now on, making sure the site is running to it's optimal performance.

I'm Matt, from Sheffield in the UK.

I've been running forums for the last 10 years, and I do a lot of server work and configurations specifically for forum hosting.

This is my little terror (jack russell / patterdale cross) enjoying a bottle of Lucozade
2012-11-11 12.48.52.jpg

and getting ready to come for a run with me
2012-11-23 11.58.57.jpg


Completely Boxer Crazy
Hey Matt!!!! I will second the thanks!! Nobody really understands the hard work that goes into things until you have walked in that persons shoes, I know that's an area I would be completely clueless in.... So a big thanks!! Welcome to the boxer world family!!! We will have you owning a boxer by the time your done with your work here :) your guy (or girl!) Is beautiful !!


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My wife really wants a boxer, and we've talked about it for our next dog.
Come on Matt, don't be scared by boxer people and assume your opinion: labs are the best you told me earlier.

(this is not true)