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Thank you all so much for the opportunity to join this community.

I am about to make add a new member to my family . . . and it's a Boxer. I'm very excited and can't wait to bring a new pup into my home.

It's going to sound crazy, but I currently have three dogs in my home already. Don't worry! We have plenty of room in the house and the yard for everyone to be happy and healthy. Our family currently consists of my husband's two dogs - a sweet, loving, female Labarador Retriever (Age 12, spayed) and a happy, boisterous Golden Retriever/Irish Setter mix (a rescue, neutered age 2).

I own a wonderful Shih Tzu who, at age 6, still acts like a tiny puppy. He's quiet, but he's so silly and so much fun to play with. He's a little couch potato. . . until it's time to play. Then he's ready to roll! I also have a cat.

All of the dogs are "indoor/outdoor" dogs, meaning that they can play in the yard when we're home as much as they'd like and also have the run of MOST of the house. We do have certain areas blocked off that only my Shih Tzu can get into. He gets to go where ever he wishes! :)

I am adding the Boxer in hopes that I will have a companion who will be able to jog/run with me as well as be trained to be around horses. I would like my Boxer to come to the barn with me and hang out with the other barn dogs and cats. I've tried to bring my Shih Tzu to the barn several times, but he really doesn't like it. He prefers to sit on a pillow and relax! Ha ha ha! And he wants nothing to do with going on a run! Ha ha ha! I am also at the barn at odd hours and ALONE quite a bit. I do not expect or want my dog to be "an attack" dog, however, I think a stranger with ill intentions might think twice about approaching a girl with a muscley dog! :)

I have not owned a large dog in a very, very long time. I had a Rottweiler in the early 1990's that I loved very, very much. I was concerned about the predjudices against Rotties that existed at the time and worked very hard to train him propertly. He was an amazing, wonderful dog. He was very intelligent, obedient and loyal. His training was quite different and more time consuming than the training I've given my Shih Tzu, but it was fun! I kept thinking that I would get another Rottie one day. . .but I just can't bring myself to do so. His death left me heartbroken and I just don't think I can look at another Rottie every day without thinking of him.

So, after a lot of time and some research into breed characteristics, I've decided on a Boxer. I'm going to go through the forum and read up on all of the information you guys have shared with people over the years.

Thanks a million!
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