Heartworm Meds.

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We used to use heartguard but have since switched to Interceptor, I belive it protects them from more worms such as hook worms, round worms etc


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thank you for your answers.

when should i start Interceptor?
he recieve Proheart March 27th.

shall i start in april or shall i wait 6 months?

thank you for your support, ;)
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Banfield's push the Proheart 6, along with their *wellness* packages.

I'm pretty sure that you do need to wait until the Proheart 6 is out of the system before starting the Interceptor or Heartgard Plus. Check with a vet.

A few things many people don't know about Proheart 6........
............Manufacture requires that the dog be Heartworm tested prior to the 1st & 2nd injection, & it does nothing for intestional parasites.

Let's look at this from a cost factor......Heartworm test #1, 1st Proheart 6 injection, Heartworm test #2, 2nd Proheart 6 injection.....will actually cost you MORE than if you did the monthly prevention, and if you have to end up de-worming your dog....add quite a bit more.

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I could be wrong on this, but I was thinking that the dog must be at least 6 months old before they do the injection.


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adeinert said:
Regarding PROHEART:
I have received many emails from people with firsthand stories of dogs dying after the use of proheart - it cannot be used on our boxers and any vet that doesn't know that isn't doing his/her homework.
We had one surrendered right after the owners giving up the dog had it receive a proheart injection - our vols went to pick up the boxer and she was going into shock. It's a nasty, nasty drug and it's one I make my adopters promise not to use.

Many vets don't like Revolution because you are giving six months of drugs all at once - too much junk getting sent into the system. That goes against my philosophy of avoiding pumping our babies full of poison.

In Florida all the vets I know (allopathic and homeopathic) highly suggest using heartworm protection and what I hear most safe is Heartguard (or Plus) or Interceptor. I use ivermectin which is in Heartguard.

and the rescued boxertrio

We are using revolution which works for fleas,heartworms,ear mites,mange,hookworms,and roundworms. Just wondering , we give him one tube per month as directed ,applied to the sholder blade area.


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DO NOT USE the Pro Heart shot on boxers!!! And please get a new vet. I understand you are stuck with the puppy plan but if you complain to management I am positive that they will work it out for you. If not go higher to corporate. HOW DARE they try to push a product on you that could potentialy kill your dog. Do yourself a favor and tell your husband to do some research before trusting anyone when it comes to something like that. Pet meds are not regulated in the same way peoples are and many are not up to par. There is substantial evidence that Pro Heart not only kills boxers but many other breeds of dog as well. We use Heart Guard and have never had any problems but I am interested in researching the Interceptor if people have heard it's safer.


PS ... I'm sure your current vet will never tell you this ... Never ever use ACE
Aceprozamin (sp?) as anthesetic on a boxer. You must inform your vet of this or at least discuss it with them because many many do not know this. Check the fourms and you will see how many people have lost their boxers to bad anesthetic reactions due to ACE and their vets faulty information.


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thank you all of you for your answers.

the "wellness plan" in Banfield include the heartworm test for free.
that's one of the reason we took this plan... we save a lot..
dewormer and test, visits and vaccines are included in the plan for $11/month

but for Proheart, i really want to stop that. :(
for Proheart and ace, i printed out and i'll show her.

i was wondering when to start Interceptor, because i unserstood Proheart kill the larvas which make 6 month to developp. (does not prevent).
so in september (in 6 month), if larvas had developped, will Interceptor kill them ? (does Interceptor kill or prevent?)

I was thinking.. i 'm going to go to another banfield.. just to see if the vet is more open-minded ;)

thank you all so much!
Chrystel and Snatch
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