He hit Duchess!

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It's my turn to vent now! :mad:

Yesterday, we had a new friend over for dinner. All was going well...we were visiting and having a nice time. Just as hubby was throwing the steaks on the grill, we got a phone call. It was an old friend of his passing through on his way home from being out of town. He wanted to stop in and say "hi". No problem.

So, he and another of our friends drop in a few minutes later. Duchess was her normal, exuberant self, loving on everyone. Well, she went to love on this guy (the one that dropped in), and he back-handed her!!! :eek:

OK...I may have mentioned this before, but I am an extremely non-confrontational person. This, however, really got to me. I told this guy, in no uncertain terms, that he'd better not ever lay a hand on my dog again, or he would not be welcome in our home. He was like, "Well I already told it once to get away from me!" Excuse me? She doesn't speak English!!! (I did tell him this too...) Anyway, we went back and forth...he also had to inform me that he doesn't like dogs. SO? And that gives him a right to hit mine?

Duchess, by the way, was very hurt. She totally did not understand why this person hit her for trying to say hello. She came and sat by me and eventually hid under her chair (the one I was sitting in). :(

Needless to say, he didn't stay long. I'm sure I embarrassed him in front of everyone, but I don't care! He deserved it! Of course, I kinda worried that I had made my husband mad, but he told me that he was about to say the same thing, but I beat him to it. He was proud of me. :p

Anyway...I'm still annoyed by the whole thing, and I knew you guys would understand. Hey, I need to get one of those signs that says, "The dog lives here; you're just a visitor." Know where I can find one? ;)


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I'm proud of you too. Good for you standing up for what is right. No one has a right to discipline another's dog or children in my opinion. If he had a problem with the dog, he could just as easily asked you to please get the dog away from him and let you do it rather than take a smack at the dog.

Some people!!


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I think you handled it great! People like that make me so angry. The sign sounds great, if you find one let me know where so I can get one too!



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:mad: :mad: :mad: OMG!!! Heather I am soooo sorry! Please apologize to Duchess on my behalf and let her know not every human is like this!!! Give her some extra loving from me!

You had more restraint than I would of!!! After I had gotten done yelling at him I would of made him leave and he never would be allowed back. That is just awful!!! If he doesn't like dogs then he should of asked you to please have Duchess next to you or something to that affect. That is awful!!! I am very very sorry this happened! smashicon smashicon smashicon


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Nothin' quite like someone attacking one of our babies to make the "Mama Bear" come out in even the meekest woman. :D Grrrr. You go, girl! I'm not very confrontational either, but some of my shining moments have involved someone not treating my girls correctly.


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Some people are just ignorant!!! Hello!! why would you EVER hit ANY animal....and to make matters worse someone else's animal??

I would have had to remind him that if she wanted to she could have just crushed the hand that hit her with her powerful boxer jaws....but she obviously is a better dog than he is a person!!

Luv to Duchess....


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((((((( HUGS ))))))))

for you and Duch!! What a complete idiot!! And if you find that sign - let me know!! I want one too!

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Thanks everybody!

I feel much better now...I often go back and think, "Should I have handled that another way?" I kinda was with this...but you guys have made me feel like I handled this the way I should have.

Thanks again! I'll go home and give Duchess extra lovin' from our BW friends! :)
"The dog lives here; you're just a visitor." Know where I can find one?

You can make one. Or I'll make one for you. Just let me know how you want it to look, etc, and I'll ship it off to you. Heather, I'm so sorry that happened to you and to Duchess. I know boxers can be a long time in recovering from emotional trauma; I hope she is on the mend quickly. Give her kisses from my family.


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Proud of You!

I am glad you told that "visitor" in no uncertain terms that he should NEVER, EVER touch your baby. How rude is that? I would completely wig out if someone touched my Bella Marie. She is also exhuberant and loves to jump on people and we are working on not doing that, but I would have done the same thing you did. You go Honey!
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