Have I waited too long?

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Victoria is a great dog by and large and I love her to pieces. She goes into her crate on command, sits well (unless distracted by another dog or animal) and is learning not to pull my arm off on walks (she hates the GL but we're coming along). She has learned to 'stay' for about a minute (I always use 'NO' if she gets up before I release her) and her recall is usually very good.
Now, we're just recently met some other boxers and I SO want Victoria to behave more like some of them do. We work every day on basic training issues but now I'm wondering if at 15 months... is she too old for obedience training? Can she still learn 'down' and to walk properly on a leash and to stay until released?

I'm looking into some training classes, do you think that a one on one session would be better than group?

Any advice welcomed!!



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No, she's certainly not too old :) For dogs, just like people, learning can be a lifelong thing. There's plenty of dogs around that haven't started any formal obedience training until 5, 6, or even 7 years old - and they do alright!

As for whether group or individual sessions are better - well, it really depends on your individual dog. I'd say that group sessions are better overall, because your dog learns to listen to commands amid distractions. Some dogs can benefit from a few initial sessions individually, of course, but in the long run you need the dog to work in all situations - so groups are a pretty useful way of teaching that.


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We used to have a Boxer who really didn't get any formal training until the age of 7 - and he picked up the commands lickety split!:) I'm taking Ronin again now that he's 20 months old. I did take him to puppy kindergarten when he was younger, plus a more advanced class after that. He knows all the "basic" commands, but he was such a puppy then that I had a hard time even listening to the instructor as I was trying to control his antics :LOL:. I'm thinking now that he's a bit older (although still very much a puppy in a lot of ways) I think he will listen more to me rather than clammering to play with all the other dogs! I have always done a group session, however as gmacleod said - it really depends on your dog.

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My Paige just turned 4 last month and she has just started learning to walk on my left, sit, and some pay attention type training. Within an hour (her first lesson) she was walking on my left, and was beginning to sit when I instructed (though it was taking some coaching). If my girl Paige can learn at 4 yeras of age (being the spoiled girl that she is, never having to listen) then anyone can train at any age. Paige does well on her recalls cause we do have a respect but sit and walking to the left of me was a BIG step for her.

You probably could have heard me praising her all the way to your house!

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Never too Old to learn. My female is 2yr 4months and my male is 2yrs 9months and they both have been to several sessions of obed. classes. My female went to 3 different places. All group classes for the distraction factor. My male is a rescue that we've had for 8months and he has been to 3 sessions of classes and we even took the Canine Good Citizen Test and he passed. I can't wait to start another class. They enjoy them as much as I do and since the group classes always have new dogs and people they get alot of socialization too.
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