Have a question and need to vent !!

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Have a question and need to vent !

Canon, my male boxer had his final round of puppy shots Thursday :) and it's been rainy here in Eastern Carolina lately. So I thought I would attempt to take him and my little terrier mix for a short walk this evening. I was hoping she could teach him some leash manners. Boy I didn't realize how short of a walk it would be. I bet I didn't even make it 100 yards and there in a yard I spy what appears to be 3 large labs coming my way and barking. So I decide to go back to the house. I turn around and cross the road, dragging Canon the whole way. He's like what the heck is going on and Gracie , my terrier senses my nervousness and all 11lbs of her is ready to fight. Now during this whole time people are flying pass me like mad men. It's like hey buddy can't you slow down or go to the other side of the road. I didn't realize these people were so dumb.

This is not the first time this has happened. When I first moved here my husband and I tried to take Gracie and Oliver, minature pinscher for a walk , going in the other direction from our house and we were bombarded by 2 australian shepards, a lab, a boxer, and husky. It was easy to pick them up and get away, but being by myself and trying to balance 30 lbs under one arm and 11 lbs under the other and not get hit by a car now that's a differant story.

It's like don't you people love your animals I know most of them have never seen a vet and I'm really surprised there hasn't been any parvo outbreaks and the way traffic flies up and down this place so many dogs have been hit on this road. I don't know why they don't fence them in or something.

Is there anything to do about the dogs I hate to call animal control that wouldn't be very neighborly but it's not safe TO MY DOGS, THE NEIGHBORS DOGS, OR ME. I love to walk my dogs and it really makes me angry that I'm not able to do it in my own neighborhood. I'm tols there is no leash law where I live and I can't do anything about this problem.

What can I do about the speeding cars there are no speed limit signs on this road. Please help??

I hope this makes sense and everything is spelled right I'm to shaky and can't find my glasses to proof read it right now. Sorry will edit soon. :( :(

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What part of NC are you in? Don't take peoples word for there not being a leash law. Call the county sheriffs office and ask them or the local district attorneys office. There are very few places in this country where there aren't leash laws. I am not a lawyer, but I would think that a local government that doesn't have a leash law would be leaving itself open to being sued along with the owner of a dog that bit someone.

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That is sad you can't walk your dogs in your own neibourhood! We do have leash laws here, thank goodness. Are laws are very strict, we can't even let them off their leash at a park or anything. I guess that is best.


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Hi, Scarlet19 :) Yes, what part of NC are we talking about?
I live in VERY small town about 40 miles west of Charlotte and even in this small community there are leash laws. I know we don't have the sidewalks that the bigger cities have so we have to walk on the side of the road or on the grassy median which does cause some alarm when there are passing cars. I sure can sympathize with what you're saying about dogs being on the loose. It is scary because you never know what the animal's intentions are. I agree with uno..better check with City Hall and make sure what the laws are in your area.


I just found out for certain there is no leash law in my county , there is one in the larger cities, but in the little country towns like this there isn't one. They told me I could just let my dog run loose too. I said how stupid can you get I love my animals . I did call animal control and the dogs can be picked because they don't have their rabies shot and the owner will be fined and have the have to get their dogs vaccinations. I don't want to that becdause they might never go looking for the dog and it would be put to sleep or they would get mad at me and one of my dogs will get shot or something. There is a state park about 35 miles from here , but I 've been there so many times I'm tired of it.


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How would your neighbors know that it was you that called in and reported the loose dogs? Does animal control tell the owners who reported the loose dogs? That seems really unfair, if they do that. Can you not talk to your neighbors? I mean, does your community have a neighborhood association where you could meet and discuss this?

I really think this is a serious safety issue for you, your family and the other dogs, and if you cannot talk to your neighbors, I think it is in the best interests of everyone that these dogs be reported to animal control.



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Hey Scarlet, I'm sorry you're having such a bad time of it! I just wanted to let you know that my neighborhood did not have leash laws until a few years ago. I do not live in a small town! My mom got tired of the neighborhood dogs running loose and dodging cars, so she called City Hall and requested signs be posted throughout the area stating leash laws were now in effect - it worked! The city came out within a few days and put up signs. Now we very rarely have loose dogs running around. You can also do the same thing with speed limit signs. Tell the police or whoever that people are driving like bats out of hell and you want it stopped. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Your neighbors sound as if they've gotten complacent. Sometimes it takes someone new to shake things up. Good luck and let is know how you do.


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Boy do I know what you are going through, I went through almost the same thing you did, I posted it a couple of weeks ago, these dogs running loose all over, I have not gone out on a walk with my Boxers since my park incident, I am to afraid. Still burns me up when I think back on it.
Call Animal Control on the OWNERS of those dogs. They will firstly issue a citation. That is usually enough for people to take a hint. IF they do pick up the dogs, it will cost whomever bails them out a pretty penny. Talk MONEY, and people change their attitudes QUICK. Yeah, nobody likes seing these animals go to the pound, but it's better than a slow death caused by heartworms, parvo, or getting into fights.

As far as the cars is concerned. Contact your streets department (should have a local web page for hte city) and ask them about installing a sidewalk on this street or placing speed limit signs up. If they can't do that, talk to the police department about shooting radar in this area and using htem as a deterent.
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