Has your boxer won anyone over lately?

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Boxer Insane
Hi ,
I have just had my sister come over to stay with us for a week, :D , she is really a lovely person, but not a doggy person. She dresses rather posh, lovicon not like me , when I get in from work I race up the stairs to put my old clothes on before Ginty :eek: greets me , with dog hairs , slobber , food, eye globs whatever she can throw at me. nonoicon . My sister over this last week, has been won over by Gintys, caring , loving nature. angelicon . My sister just couldnt resist Gintys eyes winking and blinking at her, Ginty felt the same way about my sister, following her about, pointing at her water bowl for fresh water, giving my sister her teddy bears to play with, making my sister understand what a clever girl she is. On taking my sister home today, she hugged Ginty :cool: and said she would love to take her home with her. ( I never thought I would hear those words) the only pet my sister has ever had has been a budgie.

I was just wondering if any other boxers had won an unlikely person over.

Bye from Pammyjean and loveable Ginty sleepicon


Boxer Pal
What a nice story. Absolutely!! Me and my Mom. I was never raised with dogs until I met my boyfriend. He had to beg me to get my Mia Dog and now I have TWO!!! I took Mia home with us at Thanksgiving last year and my Mom fell in love with her. She followed her around, brought her her toys, just like yours. My Mother HATES dogs, but just worships Mia now. She actually e-mailed Mia her own Christmas card!!!!

Too funny, boxers just have a way of winning EVERYONE over!!!


Boxer Buddy
yes, intially me and now my fiance! (Thank heavens or we would have relationship problems!)

My ex-husband had a Boxer growing up and I always wanted a Rottie so I have one of each-both 3 yrs old. I knew NOTHING about either breed until I got them. The ex is gone and the dogs stayed with me (the only thing I would have gone to court over were the dogs!!!). I am engaged again and he has been converted to a dog person (he is a cat guy, but I have 2 of those too!!).

Ironically enough, as adorable as the Boxer is, my Rott wins over more people. Part of it is she is a BIG lap dog and she is "special"-she has severe hip dysplasia. The fact that Rotts get so much negative publicity and she is able to show people what a good breed they are has won her quite the little fan club! But Devo has that Boxer "thing" that she doesn't-the wiggling, talking, smushy face, wiggling some more-you know what I mean and that is a big hit with everyone too!!


Completely Boxer Crazy
My dad came to visit (from Maine to California!) and he became fast friends with Junior. They had never met before and you would think they knew each other forever. Junior is really hesitant with male strangers but after a few hours was sitting in his lap, taking daily walks and following him everywhere! Dad is home again but calls to check on "his buddy Junior!"

After pestering a year for a boxer, my hubby finally gave in and we got Junior. There was a one month return to owner agreement per hubby's request....well that lasted about 2 days! LOL!! The man that would wash his hands if he was within 2 feet of a dog now is proud of his fur covered clothes, chewed up fence, slobbered car windows and slightly chomped couch! Of course kisses all over the face and snuggles in the bed are a daily must for hubby and "his" Junior!
Now he is discussing having a second!!!


Completely Boxer Crazy
These stories are so cute. KristenM - just wanted to tell you that I love Rotties, too. My best friend since high school has never had anything else and they are great. It's all in how they are treated and raised...

Indy and Beauty haven't won as many people over as Shiloh did. Mainly because everyone has gotten married and had a family and we don't visit at home as much any more. Whenever my friends and I would go out just to ride at night or something, they all had to have Shiloh go too. He was such a lover!! Indy and Beauty are very much loved but because I've never had any other kind of dog, they're just a respected part of my family as far as friends go!


Boxer Insane
I was the first one to get a Boxer, then my best friend, my brother (both cat people) and my Mom wants one now... so I would have to say they have very magnetic personalities. I just like having all these Boxers around.


Super Boxer
My boyfriend had dogs while he was growing up, but not as an adult. So when we started going together, he had to adjust to Titus. At first, he was intolerant of Titus' wet, slobbery kisses. Now, almost two years later, Titus is his best buddy. Whenever Bob walks in the door, Titus gets excited, starts kidney beaning because he knows Bob will go to the closet and get the harness and leash. They are best friends now. My mom was a little harder sell, however. She has always had small dogs and now in old age, prefers cats. She was a little intimidated by Titus' boisterousness. She still keeps a bit of a distance because she's afraid he will knock her down, but she is always asking about him and bringing him things on her visits!
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