Has Your Boxer Ever Been to the Emergency Vet?

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As I’m going to be moving out with Xena in a while, I’m starting to save some emergency money for vet bills and other things that come up.
I’d like to know if anyone has ever taken his or her boxer to the emergency vet for anything and if so, how much did it cost? I’ve heard as much as $2000 in one night, which is kind of scary so I’d like to be prepared.

Thanks :)


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I haven't ..but I know someone who had to take her female in for an emergency c-section...to the tune of 1800 dollars...and she still lost 5 pups !!! :( I hope & pray we never have to go ...but if we do ..we do.!

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Copper had to go once as a pup for an allergic reaction to a bee sting. I think it was about $150 for the visit and the shots.
I'm guessing like regular vet appts, it depends on what needs to be done.

I've been looking into pet insurance for that very reason. I was looking at a plan that for about $25/month covers up to $2000 each of about 10 different illnesses, $2000 for car accident, $500 for allergies and a bunch of other stuff. But there's also plans for about $10/month that cover less. I haven't really decided what to go with here yet but I'm pretty sure I'm going to get some kind of coverage for the furkids.

Might be worth checking out :)



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I've never had to take either of mine to an emergency vet, but I do agree that being prepared is a huge advantage.

A few months ago, I read on BW about putting "x" amount of dollars into a special emergency fund each week. I really liked this idea so I started to put extra money into my savings account. I use my checking account for bills and shopping, but I figured by putting extra money into my savings I'd be earning interest on it as well. So far this plan has been working very well!! :)

Aside from the savings account, I also have a credit card that I used to charge on pretty often to get my credit limit up there. I'm now almost at a $2000 limit which I never (or VERY rarely) charge on anymore. If worst came to worst, I have that card to fall back on as well.

Hopefully, I'll never have to dip into either of these, but at least I know that I'll be prepared if I have to.

- Mandy


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kneesaa had to go when she got attacked... even though it was during the vets normal hours... due to the fact that she had to be seen IMMEDIATELY i had to pay the emergency fee... the thing that really gets me is... they will seriously turn you away if you don't have it... some wont even take checks!!! it ended up being about $300 all together... but worth every penny to get her fixed up!!!!
(no i didn't see a penny from the kid who's pit it was that attacked her :mad: )


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We had to use the emergency vet once with our other boxer. It was $65 to walk in the door and if you leave the animal there for tests or treatment you also had to leave a $500 deposit. So I think an emergency fund is a great idea. It is also good to have a 24 hour vet er phone number hanging on the fridge, you just never know when you might need it. Thank goodness they are there if you ever need them.
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Chewy had to go when he got really bad acute pancreatitis and couldn't stop vomitting all night. It was $80 just for them to see him, and a whole bunch of $ for x-rays, blood work, IV's, boarding, medicine, etc. I know we spent about $1000 over the course of 2 days. The next day I started looking into pet insurance.


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Let's see.......Herkie broke out into a case of hives that covered his entire body....still don't know what it was...probably a bite or sting of some sort....that was $120....when he had to have an emergency laporotomy at the normal vet.....$800....and when he developed problems from this and had to be seen at emergency vet/vet specialist his total ran up to $4000....so I think what you are doing is great....I only wish I had thought to do the same thing!I never actually even though about....maybe I should since I tend to be a paranoid boxer mom!

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I haven't had to take either of our pups to an Emergency Vet yet but if we do the place is les than a 3-4 minute drive from here. But the Emergency Vet Office here has a few bad memories for me. It seems any animal I have taken there never leaves there and a few people I know have had the same experience. It got a nick name with us as "The House of Death". I am sure it is a great palce and they help a lot of animals but I will be nervous if/when the times comes that I have to take another animal there. :(


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vet bills

We also live in toronto, and have had a few vet bills. Diesel was very lathargic for a couple of days so we took him to the vet, after blood work and x-rays for blockages and $500 later it turned out to be a bug from possibly drinking creek water. Six months later coughing and hacking we go back again , blood work ,x-rays for lung infection and another $500 later it turned out to be kennel cough .$500 seems to be average for us .
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