Harley would kill me if he knew I was posting this!!

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So I know it's an embarassing story for Harley, but I thought it was hilarious!!

The other night I took Harley with me to a friend's house. Harley's female pit bull friend, Kahlua was there. They played for a couple hours, then finally fell asleep as all of us started watching a movie.

About halfway through the movie, I heard the familiar sound of a dog peeing on the floor. My first thought was "Where's Harley?!" then it was "Both the dogs are sleeping, they cant be peeing." Then I decided to look at Harley just in case, and sure enough, there he was, sound asleep, and peeing.

I was sooo surprised! I didnt know dogs could wet the bed!! I had to wake him up before he stopped! Then he went outside and peed for about 5 minutes straight. Lol.


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my boy when he plays forgets to go the bathroom, he has in the past played for hours straight and then took a break laid down and immediately got up and peed all over the floor. I was so mad untill I realized the circumstances.

Looks like your boy had to go so bad he didnt even bother to wake up LOL

The dya after Fin got fixed he was still out of it and in the morning he stood up on my bed and instead of the normal morning potty rutine he decided it would be best to piss all over my bed. So count yourself lucky you werent trying to get all the pee out of your matress


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I remember when I was a kid, we had a Dingo-Shephard mix named Horatio. He was so excited over the holidays, the gift giving, etc. he didn't want to go out to pee. We tried, but he just wouldn't go, until he pee'd all over the floor!! He looked surprised! I'ts just something I'll never forget. It was so funny!! (at least from a teens perspective-my Mom wasn't so happy). Poor guy!! Happy Holidays!


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On Memorial Day, we had some people over. The kids were swimming and there was much excitement with all the people around. The adults were sitting around the kitchen table playing Pinochle when all of a sudden there was the sound of a dog peeing and ... pee oozing out from under the table! Eeeewww!!!!

Kuzco likes to hang out under the table when there's people at it. He hadn't gone potty in the house in a long time ... yet with all the excitement of the day, I guess it built up and he never thought to ring to the bell to go potty. I just recall everyone exclaiming and pushing their chairs back quickly. I barely got any on me, but our poor friends got their feet wet. Yuck! Good thing they love our Boxers!!! :D
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