Happy 5th birthday Lola

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Lola's mum

Boxer Insane
My lovely Lola is 5 years old today.

She's had some prawns and pasta for dinner as a treat (shhh don't tell the boys) and tonight is going to share my bed with me)
Doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago we were going to choose her from the litter and now she's 5.
Love her to bits :D


Completely Boxer Crazy
ALL of your babies are so beautiful! I wish I could have three boxers! :)

Happy Birthday to Lola and I wish you much celebration!


Super Boxer
Happy Birthday Lola. Have a great day and enjoy sleeping in the bed tonight. We won't tell the boys about your treat either. lol


Boxer Insane
Happy B-Day Lola !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,hope you get lots of new toys to enjoy on your special day and make sure you sleep in late tomorrow in the bed.
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