Halloween Hilarity

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Completely Boxer Crazy
Okay, I do not know if Hilarity is a word but it fit!

Well, to start off I have not been online for a few days because I was busy getting ready for Callie and Cole's Halloween Party. The kids all had tons of fun! Unfortunately, one little girl is very afraid of Coop, so I had to keep him in the study until she left. But then of course he greeted everyone with wiggles and kisses and strutted around, showing off his Halloween attire ( a black bandana with ghosts ). My friend put her sleeping 4 month old in the living room, once Cooper discovered him, he only wanted to stand gaurd in there. We repeatedly found him just sitting in there next to the carseat.

When trick or treat time came, I took the kids around (not far because my poor baby Cole still is having problems with his asthma). Cooper and Matt sat on the porch and gave out the candy. Matt had Cooper on his long leash and tied it in the foyer to the newel post, but he had free rein of the porch and steps. Well apprarently, when the trick or treaters would come up, Cooper would hop unto my husbands back (Matt was
sitting on the step)and either rest his head on Matt's head or next to his head. Everyone was laughing their butt's off at this goofy dog! Cooper also does this when I have the kids in the tub.

Then we came back and after a while we all went inside because it was getting later. Three boys then came to the door, one was a beaten up football player the other was the "Scream" guy and the third had taken off his mask to ask for my husband (he had my husband as a teacher a few years back), by the time my husband got to the door, he had put on his mask which was like a grim reaper hood with NO face, just black fabric. Cooper took one look at this "faceless" kid and went nuts. He was scared to death, he ran out the door got behind this kid and was crouched down but kept hopping away! I had to ask the child to take off the hood because Cooper was so afraid! I do not think he would ever do it but you never can be sure if a dog would be a fear biter. Cooper took one look at the kid as if he thought he had been seeing things and nonchalantly walked back into the house! Silly boy! All of those scary masks and crazy costumes and nothing scared my baby except for the faceless boy!


Cooper sounds like he had fun, until the Faceless boy came that is! Ha!

You know, I thought it was just Debo, he loves to protect younger kids, just like Cooper, he just wants to "sit" with them, and he is VERY gentle with them. Our neighbors across the street let their toddler out to play in the yard (of course while they are out there) and Debo can see her and he whines and gets all excited, one day we leashed him and walked out, and he just sat with her and had this weird look on his face like, "I am BIG PROTECTION DOGGIE, nobody better make her cry!" How funny they are!
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