Guard dog that gets along with a boxer?

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How inhumane, unethical is it to consider a second boxer (rescue female) for the yard?:confused:


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BayouBoxer -

Rescue does not allow you to keep boxers outdoors and will not adopt to you if that is your purpose. Rescued boxers are meant to go to loving homes to be spoiled not banished to a backyard which by the way is how many spent their time before ending up in rescue.


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BayouBoxer, I'm not sure what your agenda is, but part of the rules you agreed to when you joined the forums states:

Members should not use the Board to generate arguments.

From your latest response, it would seem you posted your question about adopting a rescue female to keep outside purely to stir up trouble.

If you have legitimate questions, fine, but do not use this board to incite arguments.

Lisa M

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Just get homeowner's insurance - that is what it's for.

If a dishonest person sees something they want in your yard - no dog is going to stop them. People entering a yard and letting your dog out is not the worst that can happen, even a police trained guard dog could be shot in a matter of seconds.
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