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Well, I've been watching a growth on Boomer's right hind leg over the last couple of months. It started out quite small, and grew to the size of a dime over the last several weeks. He went to the vet last Thursday morning, and I picked him up that afternoon. Nine staples and $236 later, I find out today that the tumor was a grade II mast cell tumor.

I don't have the dimensions of the tumor, but was told by Boomer's vet that this was one of the largest tumors he'd removed from a boxer in quite some time. Of course, growing up with boxers, I remember that Sophia had three grade II mast cell tumors removed from her chest, and the didn't come back or metastasize.

The vet mentioned that I should watch for future growths (obviously), and if one pops up in the next six months, he would consider referring Boomer to an oncologist in Houston for radiation. It just makes me kind of nervous, wondering what could come next.

Of course I worry about him, but should I be worried about him this much? Would it be wise to look at health insurance for him?

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Hi Scott: Just sending speedy healing vibes to Boomer and glad he had the growth removed. Hopefully no more growths will appear. It is so hard not to worry about them. I think us Boxer owners worry more than other dog owners. Give Boomer a hug from us.

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Sending Boomer a wish for a speedy recovery.

Scott, health insurance for Boomer would depend on your financial situation. Also, you would have to check and see if he is insurable with his history.

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Hi Scott,
Sorry to hear about Boomer. I do hope he'll do OK. I know you will watch him and monitor any new growths, since this one came back as it did. Just a word of encouragement on our end...Goliath developed a tumor just before age 10 and ended up being nuetered because of it and our vet said it was a rapedily growing aggressive type of tumor and to be very vigilant in watching for new tumors...that was over 3 years ago and he is doing more cancer problems, so we will keep Boomer in our prayers and hopefully he too, will not have any further problems. Please give him a hug for us and tell him to give you one right back for us! Deb and the boys


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Sorry to hear that Boomer had a tumor. Hopefully, it won't return. Sending lots of healing (((((((VIBES)))))) to Boomer!


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Thanks for the well-wishes. Boomer is recovering nicely, although it seems as if he's milking his recovery for all it's worth. I know he enjoyed the fact that I was home a majority of the day yesterday. He goes in next Thursday for staple removal. He'll have a good size scar, but he'll be able to show he war wounds to everyone now.

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Originally posted by Boomer'sPapa
Would it be wise to look at health insurance for him?

Scott -

Probably not. Now that Boomer has had an MCT removed, chances are that any future occurences would be excluded as a pre-existing condition lesaving you with premiums paid and no (or very limited) benefits available to you. You would probably do better to just set up an investment account or CD for large scale vet emergencies. That's what I have done. I know alot of folks that keep a credit card specifically for vet emergencies too.

I had a good experience with an insurance carrier that paid for a huge amount of Dixie's treatments, but even they made it more difficult than it needed to be, and they had to "qualify" each and every treatment protocol and regimine. Like Goliath, Bax had 2 benign tumors pop up and they were removed almost immediatey and they have not recurred, and he is healthy as a horse.

Hope Boomer (and you) feel better soon, but you gotta let him milk it just a little. :p

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Thanx for the comments. A separate credit card is not an option, so I'll take your suggestion about a CD or investment account. Too bad I can't claim him on my taxes.... :D

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My parents' 12 year old boy had a couple of cancerous tumors removed a few years ago. In his old age, he's had lots of new lumps and bumps, but no more cancer. My mom just keeps a close eye on all the bumps and takes him to the vet frequently to have him check them out as well.

If you consider insurance, just read the fine print and make sure they will cover any cancer. I'm Cubby in thinking that your money will probably be better spent by putting aside what you can in a savings plan of some sort - just make sure that whatever you do with it is readily accessible in an an emergency.

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Hi Scott,
My Austin had a grade 2 MCT removed from his front leg in Aug. of 2002. My vet said the first six months were the most important and if was to come back it would probably come back in the same place. Thankfully it hasn't. I do understand your fears, tho. I was paranoid for a while and he has some lumps on his back leg that are only cysts.

I'm sure Boomer will be just fine, give him a hug for me. And try not to worry too much. I know that's easier said than done.

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