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Growing Pains?

Discussion in 'Dog Health issues and questions' started by victore1123, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. victore1123

    victore1123 Boxer Pal

    Oct 16, 2004
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    Has anyone on this board ever dealt with a dog with growing pains? I have a boxer who is 1 yr. & 3 months old, who has been limping intermittently on his left hind leg. Although he doesn't seem to be in any sort of pain, this has been going on for about a month. He has been to the vet twice, once for x-rays which came up clear for his hips and knee. He was then prescribed an anti-inflammatory chewable (rimadyl) to be taken twice a day which takes away the limp temporarily. The vet recommended he rest for 2-3 weeks, which he has been, but it doesn't seem to go away. I'm not sure what else to do if anything. I have been researching online for different reasons of lameness in the hind leg, but keep coming up empty handed. If anyone on here has dealt with this type of issue in the past, any advice is appreciated.

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