Greetings from Sunny San Diego!

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Boxer Pal
Hello, with a tail wag and a wiggle butt!

My name is Striker and I'm a 9 month old fawn boxer. I was telling my mom that it would be fun to meet other boxers and their owners so we're real glad to find this site. I LOVE my little family of three. I get all the attention from my mom and dad and they have over 300 pictures to prove it!

These past 9 months have been so much fun learning how to sit, lay, stay, and lots more commands that earn me yummy treats! My best trick so far is army crawling across the floor for my pup-peronies. Mom and Dad were so proud of me when I graduated from Beginner Obedience Training...I even got to wear a graduation cap for pictures :)

But my favorite thing to do is RUN! I love running as fast and as far as I can at Fiesta Island. Mom calls me her #1 training partner as I helped her train for her first triathlon last month. Well, I helped her train for the running leg of the race...definately not for the swim! I'm still afraid of that ocean water. Mom and I are real excited to compete in a dog run race next year. Those people keep telling my mom that I have to be 1 year old to compete but they don't realize that I run 3 miles 3 times a week already. Speaking of running...we're about to go right now.

Thanks for meeting us. We hope to share more pictures and stories soon!
-Striker and Megan


Boxer Insane
Welcome to BW! Maggie sends boxer wiggles.

One caution - until approximately 18 months old a dog's skeletal structure can be compromised by too much running.


Boxer Insane
Welcome to BW from myself and GDOGS from the flatlands of Nebraska

MoM & DaD of GDOGS 8/18/05 Brindle,Docked,Floppy and full of Zest
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