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Bob B

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TODAY BOOMER GRADUATES YYYYYHHHHHOOOOOOOO,We finally did it: Boomer graduates today from obedience school.He has come along way from an unruley member of our family to a well behaved member of our family.I am ssssoooooooo proud of him,he is such a good boy,and smart too.(I think I am biased!!!!)But anyway out trainer is very happy with him and the next step is either off leash or agility I'm still undecided on what or if to do them.


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"Taa Rah Rah BOOMER Diaaaa" Yippie! Congratulations Boomer! I guess you showed them, huh? Good on you!


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WUNDERBAR!!! It's amazing what a little time and perserverance can accomplish!!! Good work on both of you!!
Bob! Excellent for you and Boomer. I say head to 'off-leash" and then off to "agility", ! I just love to hear about the improvemnts of doggy behavior after classes1
Congrats!! Isn't it a great feeling of accomplishment to pass. Both Bru and Amaya have pass sophmore classes at our school. Sophmore is off leash and continues with the basic commands and adds a few extra. They will both be in the same junior class soon which should be a lot of fun!

After junior I think we may try agility. Good luck!

Gail Lyons

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Joey and I both congratulate Boomer........I told Joey How well you said Boomer did, and now Joey has a role model....we just started basic obedience...but I have high hopes. Again CONGRATULATIONS ...Boomer's definately a kingicon
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