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Tonight, after our two had filled their stomachs, they came in to have their forty winks. Georgie pinched Frank's favourite spot by the fire (which is very unusual for her as she doesn't like getting too hot).

Well, Frank skulked about a few minutes then stood over Georgie light tapping her bottom. All the while Georgie was just lying there like a dead dog. Then Frank moved round and tried to drag her away by putting his paw over her shoulders but it couldn't budge her.

Then, you could see it actually register in his face, "I know Georgie likes to play boss lady". So he laid down next her and started rolling about to get her attention and hey presto! she moved and laid over him and started nibbling at his face and ears (she's very gentle but it makes her feel in control) :)

Thought I share that.

My babies are;
Georgie - Red & White Female, 18 mth mischief maker :)
Frank - Brindle Male 20mths


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That is the cutest story. How smart they are!

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What a lovely story :) If Bella wants the spot where someone else is she justs sits on them till they move :rolleyes:


How cute, I can just picture them.
Mack just got a new bed for his birthday, nice and soft and warm, with plenty of room for his bunnies. Well, the 18 year old cat has decided *she* likes it too. She was curled up in it this morning and he wanted in.....he just stood over her whining a tiny little whine. She wouldn't move and he just laid down on the bare ole carpet and looked sad. He does the same thing when she decides she is going to eat his food.
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