Goodbye Baby girl Struddell 11/25/2013

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Super Boxer

It's time to go I'm moving on,
my life was brief my time is done.
Don't cry for me when I am gone
I've sung my song my run is done

I broke your heart and that I know
It was my time
I had to go!

I know it hurts,
my moving on

I feel your pain but
now I'm free
I run I'm whole!

I've no more pain!
But know your sad

We'll meet again
then you'll be glad
I wait above for
Mom or Dad

Please smile again
Please don't be sad

I had my run
and it was Grand!

Struddell Williams ( 7/2003-11/25/2013)


Boxer Insane
I am so sorry for your loss ...That is a beautiful tribute to your girl and a fantastic photo.
Godspeed sweet Girl..


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Thank you and yes I like that photo. I'm glad I have pictures of her. I only have a couple of Gunther. He really never took to being photographed. Struddell the camera! ne photo of

My beloved Stewie I only have one photo of and I did not take it. I just assumed that my babies would always be there so ..why take pictures.

I guess always is an illusion...


Boxer Buddy
Sometimes I find myself thinking if losing your furry buddy is an example of a life's tragedy. Then, I discovered that we feel so much pain because we were loved by them. And, no.....losing a furry buddy is not tragedy. Painful...but not really tragedy. Not knowing such love from them, not being love by them, not sharing that love with them... now that is, in all aspect, TRAGEDY. Miss you, Max.


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Thanks Rish,I don't have a lot of pictures of her but I do have a few that are really good! I see a few other White Boxers on here that look very much like her! :)
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