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Good news- but still curious...

Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by elgerdes, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. elgerdes

    elgerdes Completely Boxer Crazy

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Recently I posted about Zoe getting KC. She is finally better, after a month and a half of being sick. She is happy to be back at the DP, although she does get tired quicker.

    When Zoe got sick, she gave the KC to my bulldog, Macy. Macy was vomiting a lot when she got KC because she would cough so hard food came up. The vet gave her a cerenia (sp?) shot, antibiotics (which was good because it was bacterial NOT viral) and sent her on her way. The KC cleared up, and we had an almost-normal Macy. Then a week after that vet visit, she started to become lethargic again. She started vomiting again (not due to coughing) and eventually was having black tarry stools. We took her into the vet the next day (4/6) and they ran bloodwork. When the results came back, they were perfect. Nothing wrong except her electrolytes were on the low side- due to the vomiting. Stool sample showed nothing abnormal (expect the presence of blood obv). Basically the vet had no idea what was wrong. He gave Macy another shot of cerenia, an rx for metronidazole and a pupp "pepcid" pill. We put her on a bland diet.

    The vomiting stopped, tarry stools turned to loose, but normal stools. Her spirits improved and we watched for the next week. Fast forward to 4/14 and she still had loose stools, but that was the only symptom from this whole fiasco. Fast forward some more to this weekend, her stools are normal.

    I am totally relieved, but still curious as to the cause! The chanced of Macy swallowing a foreign object are slim, and we have no toxins that she could have gotten into. Any ideas? (and will this creep back up on us??)

    Thanks :)
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