Good grief Dora!

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Boxer Insane
Dora and I have just completed our second week od CGC training and all is going well - not great, but well. Trainer said to me that she thinks Dora will be an excellent CGC dog and has given us all the info for Bronze as well as for the Foundation course (personally I think trainer is a little ahead of herself as she doesn't know Dora as well as I do :LOL:)

Anyway, got home from CGC training last night and then had to go out again for my our training session at the gym - trying to keep off the 35kgs (77 pounds) I have lost over the last 12 months - and got home again. All good.

Went and had a shower and then think to myself, "where are the toilet rolls". Look around the house, nothing. Go upstairs to the open mezzanine type area and OMG it looks like someone has gotten married up there and tonne of confetti has been thrown around dohicon

My lovely little boxer girl nowhere to be seen. Call her, Dora sits in front of me with ears out, head tilted, lip stuck on a tooth and staring at me directly in the eyes while I proceed to tell her she's been a bad bad boxer girl nonoicon I nearly couldn't keep a straight face with her looking at me like that :LOL:

She is such an attention seeker as she has never touched the toilet rolls before and obviously didn't consider that I had paid her enough attention yesterday. Couldn't face cleaning the mess up at 10:30pm last night, so that's a job for tonight :rolleyes:


Boxer Insane
Oh my! I would have loved to have seen a picture of that! I bet Dora was just celebrating how well her trainer thought she was doing. ;)


Boxer Pal
HAHAHA! Sorry. I shouldn't laugh. I know how maddening it is to come home to destroyed stuff!

My girl had SA early on but somehow I broke her of it. Worked hard at it. But thankfully she outgrew it. Then, she just waited until we were far enough down the street before sleeping on the couch instead of destroying it. ;)
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