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I'm trying to get my puppy to go down two steps to go outside but he just won't do it. I've tried using treats which he really doesn't care that much for, it seems. When I try and coax him down the stairs he ends up peeing on the floor because it takes too long. I've ended up just carrying him but he will eventually get too big for me to carry. Any suggestions?


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How old is your puppy? We carried Riley down the stairs for about the first 2 weeks...got him at 6 1/2 weeks...then tried the stairs not necessarily when he has to go to the bathroom, just to practice. Then his mind won't be elsewhere...use his favorite treats, and praise...I think it's a confidence thing, once of course they're big enough to master them in the first place. Don't worry, he'll get 'em...I was worried too about carrying a huge puppy down the stairs, but it all worked out and it didn't take very long.


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Going down stairs is a problem for many young puppies, particularly indoors where the light isn't so great. Their eyesight (depth perception) isn't that well developed at the 2-4 month stage for them to easily judge distances when it comes to going down stairs. I'd just carry him for now, and let him learn about the steps in his own time (if it's only two steps, it probably won't take long). Using the search feature would provide you with previous threads on the subject ;)


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I think Mason was about 10 weeks when he mastered the stairs. Then all heck broke loose! :) Just kidding. He'll get it. I would work on it at other times like Grimmja recommended so he gets the hang of it at other times too.
Good Luck!


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It takes awhile for puppies to learn how to negotiate stairs.

Teach him how to go up and down stairs when he is not needing to go to the bathroom. Start off by placing him at only one step from the bottom and work your way up. You are going to need extra yummy treats., like cheese, chicken, liver beef etc.

Good luck and be patient. :)

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When we brought Angel home just over a month ago, she had problems with the stairs too, and she's 1 1/2 years old :p . She decided if she wanted to keep up with the boys and go wherever we went in the house, she had better learn how to deal with the stairs.

Like Jan said, have a bunch of patience and practice on mastering the stairs, with lots of yummy treats, when it's not potty time. It'll happen before you even know it.



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Spirit is 3 months old and just a coupe of weeks ago he has mastered the stairs!:D Puppies will take awhile going down the stairs because, as gmacleod stated, their depth-perception is not fully developed! Today, Spirit goes down the stairs with no problems! He and my 3yr old daugher drive me crazy using the stairs as a ski slope!!:rolleyes: My daughter goes down on her butt, and for 15 stairs, she hits the bottom in 2 seconds flat! Spirit uses his big back feet like ski's and slides down with his front paws straight out!! :p It is quite funny to watch...noisy to hear!;)

Xena & Spirit :)


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my vet told me to carry Snatch down the stairs as long as i can carry him... to help his hips....
he told me, once he'll get too heavy, he'll learn to go down the stairs on his own.
but he told me to make sure he never runs down the stairs...

he's 5 month old and is not a big boy.. he's 36lbs.. i can still carry him.:D


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Mason took forever to master doing down the stairs. He learned to go up pretty quickly. Aspen is 7 wks old now and she can make it up 2 or three stairs, not down yet. I say enjoy it while it lasts cause once they learn it's hard to keep up with'em LOL
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