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In the latest issue of Whole Dog Journal, there is an article about dental health. There is a section about holistic dental care that states that green tea and other herbal teas (green tea & chamomille were mentioned) are really good for dogs, especially for dental problems, because of the antibiotic properties. (You just give them the tea in there water bowl)
I have looked online for more info about this, but I haven't really found anything helpful. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I would think a small amount of green tea is unlikely to do any harm, but I note that it is the teas antibiotic properties that of supposed value here. To me, that suggests allieviation of inflamation or infection for existing teeth and gum problems. Well, fine if your dog has an existing problem (although in that case I would think a visit to a vet to have the teeth cleaned and possibly removed is certainly in order ;) ). The tea could be used to allieviate pain and infection, but seems unlikely to treat the actual cause of the problem.

However, I think it is FAR better to try to avoid the need for 'antibiotic properties' in the first instance, by ensuring that your dog receives sufficient chewing articles or appropriate food to ensure that his teeth are cleaned daily and the tooth and gum problems just don't develop in the first place. IMO the most effective way of doing that is feeding raw meaty bones (a raw natural diet, in fact) - with beef brisket bones having the best teeth-cleaning properties. But if you choose to feed a kibble diet, then regular nylabones or recreational raw bones can also help.
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