Ginty Is Thirteen Tomorrow..........

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Hi , Thought I would update you, my Ginty will be thirteen tomorrow......
I really didnt think she would make it over Christmas, but hey .... she is a little slower, bad on her legs, few lumps and bumps..... but shes here to celebrate her thirteenth birthday...... A few years ago....I wrote a poem about Gintys life..... Not very good.....but I have added another verse.... Heres wishing my girl..... a huge birthday cheer, kisses, cuddles.... LOVE YA GAL.

Gintys Life

I wish I'd known you as a pup
A beautiful brindle ball of fluff
Why did they beat you and treat you so rough???
Just a tiny little pup.

Two years on, no love to be found
A growling monster, scary hound
Trusting no one, without a friend
Proud and fierce, standing strong
Then by chance I came along

When I looked into those eyes
I looked beyond the anger there
Seeing you, for what you are a gentle
loving , big soft girl
I knew I could give you a brand new start
and love you and love you with all my heart

Now six years on , what a great girl you are
Loyal dependable, I love you dearly
For you Ginty have given so much back to me
Love and affection and trust so freely

We've made it together, this wonderful life
The past is now buried behind us to stay
From that frightened young pup to a confidant girl
Ginty my sweetheart, my beautiful pearl.

The years have passed quickly
With you by my side, growing old together
Your muzzle now grey, your old legs now stiff
But your beautiful eyes still sparkle with joy
Still wise and all seeing, So lets celebrate
Thirteen tomorrow, my grand ole girl.
I LOVE YOU , I LOVE YOU my princess my pearl.


Boxer Insane
What a beautiful poem!!!!

birthdayic birthdayic birthdayic

Happy 13th Birthday Ginty!!!!!!
You go girl!!!!


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Love the poem and Happy Happy Birthday Ginty! She sounds like a special girl.


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It's been quite a while since I've posted, but Boomer thought it would be great to wish Ginty a happy 13th. His 7th birthday is on 14 February. Hard to believe that we didn't know each other the first year and a half of his life.



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Poem brought tears to my eyes. You and Ginty are lucky to have each other. Wishing her a very very happy birthday!!
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