Ginger - 6/4/97 - 5/28/09

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Our little girl passed away on Thursday 5/28. It was not expected and she was 1 week away from celebrating a 12th birthday. She has always been in good health, recently some elevated liver & thyroid numbers then last checkup 2 weeks ago all those numbers were good. She was having some accidents in house, which was odd, I came home on Wednesday at 3pm and she was very pale looking, with pale gums and rapid breathing. I knew something was not right. Our vet was closed so we had to take her to ER vet. They informed us Ginger had a mass on her kidney and almost pressing on her spine as well, it was large. Surgery was very risky and not knowing if it was cancer and if it was, did it spread???? Vet basically said with her age, surgery was a risk, plus her blood was not clotting. She was bleeding internally due to the tumor rupturing as well. Worst news in the world for me and my husband to hear this. Our only child. We decided to have her put to sleep, it was the best thing to do but the hardest. She was a wonderful boxer girl, who we spoiled rotten during her almost 12 years. The house is so empty right now, it is so difficult to not see her around. We shared everything with her. Rest in peace sweet girl. Mom & Dad loved you so much and always will. angelicon
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I'm sorry to hear the news, Linda. While it's always worse for us when they suddenly leave, at least you know she was happy up until her last days.
Godspeed, Ginger angelicon


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I am so sorry for your loss

I understand the emptiness in your home right now, and hope that your memories of happier times help with the grief.


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Linda, so sorry to read about Gingers passing. It is alway so sad. You had so many years with her and that is wonderful. Run free Ginger angelicon

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Linda, I am so sorry to hear that Ginger is gone. She was always one of my BW favorites. I remember the Christmas card of your girl several years ago. My Petey thought she was a babe.

You and Ginger were both lucky to have almost 12 great years together, though I know it does not seem nearly long enough. She will be with you forever, even though not physically present, until you meet again.

Hugs to you and Godspeed sweet Ginger.

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Linda, my deepest sympathy goes out to you and your husband. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news of Ginger's passing. :( What a gift it was to have her with you for so many years, though they went by way too quickly. May memories of the love and good sweet life you shared with her comfort you in your sorrow. Rest in peace, Dear Ginger, watch over your Mom and Dad, until you meet again.


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I am so sorry for the loss of Ginger, our babies bring us so much love while they are here for such a short time but when they leave us it marks us for life. Know that Ginger is up there playing and happy, maybe my Kona is showing her around and they are both happy and healthy. Godspeed sweet Ginger. Be strong, for Ginger does not want to see you sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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