Gilroy's elbow hurts!!

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Lava Linda

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Last night, when I got home from work, Gilroy was favoring his right front leg. He wouldn't put any weight on it at all, and went through his greeting antics on three legs. He did this once before, back in November. I gave him aspirin and within 48 hours he was fine. He had a lump on his right foot at the time, which I had removed and evaluated (benign histiocytoma, whew!) Back then, I attributed the lameness to his foot.

Since November, he's been 100%, crashing around at the lake, romping with Purdy with no visible lameness or pain.

So I was really distressed last night when he was doing it again. Upon exam, it was clearly his elbow. Whenever I tried to gently bend it, he'd whine immediately. Gilroy is not a vocal dog, so I'm sure it really hurt. I gave him aspirin, and today's he's much better, with only an occasional favoring of the sore leg.

Does anyone have experience with symptoms like these? I confess....I'm terrified of going to the vet. I don't want to find out he has something terrible. I won't be able to face it emotionally or financially.

BTW, Gilroy's not overweight, so trimming down to ease the burden on the joint isn't an option.
Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Yes, I will take him to the vet if it continues. I'd still like any advice that's available from my boxer friends. :)


Last week, when I took my 4 month old puppy out of his crate, he wouldn't put any weight on his rear leg. He had been fine when I put him in, about an hour earlier. I waited to see if it would get better overnight, figuring that it had fallen asleep, or possibly a pinched nerve, since I couldn't figure out how he could have hurt himself in there. The crate is the right size for him, it's made of molded plastic, his feet can't even come close to fitting through the grates of the door, etc.
In the morning, he was limping just as badly. I took him to the vet, fearing the worst- severe hip dysplasia(he's great pyrennees/aussie), dislocation, something requiring surgery, or worse. Adding to my anxiety was the fact that around X-mas my other puppy had seemed to be mildly ill-diarrhea and listlessness when she woke up in the AM. I took her to the vet less than three hours later, and it turned out to be a severely ruptured diaphragm, beyond hope:(.
So I rushed Nanuq to the vet, and $100 and 2 X-rays later, it turned out to be a bruised and swollen hock:D. Not even a sprain, and his hips look fine!


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Linda I am sorry to hear about Gilroy's elbow :( I know you will receive some good advice here on the board.


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He probably just strained something and will be fine in a couple of days. Of course if he isn't, a trip to the vet will be in order.

I hope Gilroy is feeling better soon!

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Hi Linda,

Tigra did this to her front leg a month or so ago. one night, she just started holding it up and its limping. I freaked out to :eek:, I was so paranoid about it. I kept her quite for a few days and it went away. :) Dogs can pull a muscle just like us humans can so, hopefully that's all it is.


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Maggie twisted her ankle the other day running and stepping in a hole some dog had dug in the park. She limped around for half a day but was fine after a long nap. I watched her carefully, but no further limping.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Lava Linda

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Thanks, everyone.
24 hours later, Gilroy was only slightly favoring it, and 48 hours later, it was nearly undetectable.

Because it's the second time with the same leg, and the same symptoms, I suspect it's not a random injury.

When I tested for pain on Friday, I bent the joint only a few degrees, maybe 3-5 degrees(?) and he was hurting a lot. He wouldn't use it at all. That night, he got up and left my room, which is unusual. When he didn't come back right away, I got up to check. He was in the living room looking very confused, using three legs, and when I called him, he moved unsteadily toward a plant stand as if he were going to raise his leg. I rushed him outside to do his business. (Normally, he just asks to go out from my bedroom.) I got the feeling he was in a LOT of pain, but by morning, he was more comfortable. It's really disconcerting, because it seems to hurt him so much, not just like a muscle strain. (And I don't think a muscle strain would disappear over night.) Sigh. Thanks for all your feedback. I think I'll monitor him, and get x-rays if and when it happens again.

I'm so glad he's better, he's my BABY!!!!!!!!!!! lovicon
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