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So Miss Kona has been having poop problems for the past 3 weeks or so, I contributed it to the change in Canidae's formula because both of my babies have been having soft poops. Well I noticed Kona's were worse then Bruiser's and she had mucos in her stool with a bit of blood and going poop 5-6 times a day also having these accidents in the house and in the middle of the night. Well it just continued to get worse and she just wasn't being herself so off to the vet we went. We couldn't get a poop sample from her friday because I fasted her for 24 hours, her butt was so raw from all the BM I needed to give her a break;)
So when I explained to the Dr. what her BM's looked like he suspected Giardia or Coccidia and gave her an antibiotic shot and a prescription to take home (metronidazole) and to bring in a fecal sample as soon as I could get one from her. Oh yea I forgot to mention he put her on Science Diet I/D....eek!!!! So later that night she has a BM and it was normal, does the medication work that quick? She has had these mushy poops for 3 weeks and all of a sudden after the antibiotic injection she has a normal poop???? So now were just waiting on the results from her fecal test to see if she has Giardia or Coccidia.


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Yes, the medical (antibiotic) works very fast. My dog had giardia a few months ago. Although you should not stop the antibiotic (the vet should be able to tell you how long your dog should take). First time my dog got giardia he was on antibiotic (flagyl) for 7 days. He was better but it came back after a few weeks. The second time he was on for about 3 weeks to really get rid of the bugs.


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We had the same problem with Bonnie she always had loose stool. We took her to her vet and they put her on Panacur Granules after day 2 of being on it her stool was firming up. Giardia sometimes can be hard to get rid of. Bonnie just finished her 3rd round of treatment and the vet said to wait a month before testing again.


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Laila had a positive stool for Giardia that was picked up on her annual exam...she basically was asymptomatic except for an occasional soft stool here and there...the vet has us give the antibiotic for five days and on the retest she was negative!
Good luck...I am sure you will be fine!
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