Getting Broody!!!

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Don't know what is wrong with me this week but all of a sudden i want to get Married and have Babies....... this has been something that has never really bothered me, never really crossed my mind! But since i moved house i can't get the thought out my head!!!!!! I'm smiling and making faces at kids on public transport and really starting to worry myself! I'm only 25 and always thought i wasn't ready for grown up stuff?????? Sorry i just thought i'd share!!!! PS i have been living with my BF for over 4 years!!!!
I also have been living with my BF for some time and we recently got engaged. (I posted about it here) I have always been of the mind that marriage was simply a formality, a piece of paper that says you're "married." And what does that really mean?

I never thought marriage was important to me, but when you are with someone for a long time, you may feel that you need something "more"...a way to show everyone else how strong your bond is. Of course, I'm not still not with you on the kids thing! Three of my friends are currently pregnant and I would not trade places with them for anything! Although, one friend says I would obviously be a good mother...look how I treat Farley! :)


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I've been married for almost 2 years and I keep going back and forth on the baby thing. Whenever I go out and see kids screaming in restaurants, throwing food, back-talking...I don't want kids. Then when I see cute tubby little toddlers running around, I want one immediately. I'm near the same age as you, Jo, and honestly think sometimes I'm just not ready to have kids...but then I think about my mother-in-law, who had her first kid at 20. If that were me, that would mean I'd have a 6-year old :eek:
I went through the same thing at 25.. I am 27 now. I was just having a great time, and all of a sudden it was just BAM, I need babies! I wonder if it is a biological thing... a lot of my friends have reported similar feelings. My rational brain has kept me baby free, but now that I am finishing my master's and starting my career, I have definitely been thinking about it all again. I definitely want a family of my own, but it would be WAY irresponsible of me to bring one into the world with so much student debt hanging over my head. Has to wait a few years!!!
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