Getting a Puppy!! Question about introducing to other boxer

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So we are getting our new boxer puppy Feb 17th! We are so excited!!
Tyson our male will be 18 months old by then and he is a great dog! So I am a little worried on how Tyson is going to take to the new puppy!! We are getting a female
How did you introduce your new puppy with your other dog?
Has how long did it take for the other dog to warm up to the puppy?
At what age did you start leaving the two together alone?

I dont crate Tyson, and dont really plan on crating the new puppy for long, but I do plan on crating her when we do need to leave the two together alone, which isn't for long I have a family member who takes Tyson right now if we are going to be gone for long periods and he plans on taking the puppy to when we need him too!

I am so excited about getting her, but I am worried about how Tyson is going to take to her!


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Congrats on your new furbaby! I just held Arabella and let Thor and Star sniff her and then set her down. Star was always maternal and took to puppies as if they were her own. Thor though wasn't quite sure and sometimes got a bit rough but a few quick corrections and he was fine.


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LOL, we were so very concerned as well when we introduced Jack to Layla. We had them meet at a neutral spot, with plenty of treats and frisbee. Went great and they have been just amazingly good buds since. Here is how it went:
Layla and Jack meet pt1 - YouTube
Jack and Layla meet pt2 - YouTube

Btw,I would crate longer than you seem intending on. It really helps with structure and training for the pup, as well as not letting things get out of hand as they grow up. Two boxers can play pretty hard and we had to set an upper limit.:D

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