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hi.. i am hoping to get some advice from boxer owners..
we have a five year old shi-tzu bitch (about 11 lbs) that is typical of her breed. quiet..sleeps alot; very friendly and does not intimidate easy;

we are thinking of getting another dog and would like a boxer.. but i have some questions first.. hope you can help:

1. would a boxer pup be too much for the shitzu?
2. would a bitch or a dog be a better match or is it not a good idea altogether?
3. how much do boxers weigh? are there smaller ones (i think that would be preferable)
4. do boxers shed hair alot?

look forward to your help...



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Ross, We have a one year old Boxer and frequently bring our dog ot my father's. he has a shit-zu and they love to play together. At first they did not know what to thnk of one aother because of the size difference, I think. It took some getting used to but they are just the best of bud's now. My boxer weighs about 65 pounds. He does not shed much. They have very short hair and need ot be combed with a "curry brush" which is basically just a thick piece of rubber with grooves. I think that a boxer would make a great addition to your family....exspecially if you got a small puppy and introduced the dogs while they were both relatively the same size. Good Luck!

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I see no reason that a boxer and and Shi-tzu couldn't get along. There is a Shi-tzu bitch in our neighbourhood and she just loves Markus and jumps all over him, which he always tolerates very well. He would never put up with it from a larger dog. I would get a boxer of the opposite sex, they are much more likely to get along that way. Boxers have a coat that is very easy to keep care of. They do shed but not excessiely. A full grown boxer can weight anywhere from 50 - 80lbs+. The average would be around 65lbs. If you pick a boxer from a litter, where the parents are small you are more likely to end up with a small adult.

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I have a 9 year old, 14 lb. cocker spaniel, and Nino almost 3 years old boxer and weighing in at 90 lbs. Nanook tolerates Nino but it was never a good match. Nanook likes to sleep alot and she has never liked to play a whole lot - maybe 10 minutes. Nino wants to play with her so bad he will do almost anything to get a little attention but she basically ignors him. He has never hurt her and is VERY gentle with her but it breaks his heart when she won't have anything to do with him. Boxers stay very playful even after puppyhood so keep that in mind. Boxers do shed. Female boxers are smaller than the males but I have heard that you can tell from the size of their parents so you would need to check the parents out or you might get a 90 lb. Nino :) Boxers are very loving and require ALOT of attention. Although I would never again own a breed other than a boxer I know that it is not the breed for everyone. It is good you are doing some research before selecting another pet.


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I probably have no business responding to this question since I only have one dog. But common sense tells me there will be issues as there always are when you add another kid (skin or fur) to the family. But don't let that give you an attitude that could create a self fulfilling prophecy. The dog (especially the boxer) will sense it. I would watch them closely at first because there most likely will be some jealousy issues and maybe some acting out by your other dog. I will say that you would probably have better luck adding the boxer to the nest that some other more domineering breed. My Clio is two and weighs about 60 pounds. My vet refers to her as 'fine boned' or 'svelt' and considers her to be on the low side of average in size. I see from other postings that 80 to 90 pounds is common.
A boxer, in any circumstance, is a good choice in my opinion. I hope you decide to go with it. Good luck and have fun!

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We worried about the same things you are when we were planning to get a boxer. We already had a 1 year old, 10 lb. chihuahua. We didn't have any problems when we did bring Keisha home. They are best buddies. I think because we put out Keisha's crates a week before she came home and we introduced them on neutral ground it helped Riley adjust to her. At first all they did was play, play, play, and then they would fall asleep in Keisha's crate together exhausted. They were about the same size at that time (actually I think that Riley might have been a bit bigger than Keisha - but not for long). I remember that I did have to tell Keisha to "be gentle" or "be nice" when she would play too rough. I think that I had to put her in time out a few times as well, but generally they were just great together.
I don't think that you have to worry about size or sex as much as the temerment of the dog you get. I know that others say it's not a good idea but we have 3 females and they all get along fine.
Good luck finding your pup - I think a boxer would be a great second dog for you (I may be a bit biased though!LOL)

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I was looking to ask the same questions tonight, I too have a female Shi-Tzu.
One additional question I have though is, I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old granddaughters, Would I be better off getting a Boxer that is out of his/her puppy stage?
I had a Boxer when I was young and that dog was dedicated to me I would like the same for my granddaughters.
I thought i would add my 2 cents in here. We got our boxer pup last year and our older boxer took to her really well. Both of them love other dogs and get along with my in laws smaller dogs. I think that boxer's are very sociable in nature and genrally get along with other dogs quite well. Of course your shi-tzu will go through an adjustment phase. In regards to the size of a boxer. If you check out there parents, that is a good indication as to how big the pups will be. Now of course there are exceptions to this. Our 1 Yr old is tiny and she looks no older then a 6 month old pup. She was the runt of the litter and her brothers and sisters were huge compared to her. It just depends on there genes.
Good Luck

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