G'day from Sunny Perth

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Hi all, I'm a new boxer mum. My boxer is almost 4 months old and her name's Tess. She's just delightful, though, boy can she be stubborn!

Nice to meet you all.


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Welcome to the world of Boxers! Glad you signed up for the board. You'll find the people here to be most friendly and helpful. Good luck with your bundle of energy!! We look forward to hearing all the Boxer stories about her.

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Welcome to the board, Kellie. I hope you will enjoy it. Sharon (krikkit) is from Australia too :)



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Welcome Kelly and Tess. I think all boxers middle name is stubborn.

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Welcome to the board, Kelly. I'm looking foward to hearing lots of Tess stories!

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Welcome and welcome to the wonderful world of owning a Boxer! They are wonderful pets!

Off subject, I visited Perth about 30 years ago when I was in the U.S. Navy. We spent a week berthed in Freemantle and rode a train into Perth. Perth is the most beautiful city I have ever seen! I simply loved it and hope to return one day.
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