Garage sale adventure

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Boxer Insane
I was out working today in a neighborhood that I visit once a day M-F to walk a Vizsla and Springer Spaniel.
The neighborhood is having its annual garage sale. People and cars everywhere.
I know where all of the Boxers are in pretty much all the neighborhoods that I work in.
I get to thinking.....there is one Boxer that I see all the time that is in the garage (door open) and he is always laying on a dog bed just at the edge where the garage meets the driveway.....maybe they are having a garage sale and I can meet him!
I have never seen any humans around so I have never ventured up to him to say hello.
So I make a detour from my next customers house to drive down the Boxers street. They are in fact having a garage sale!
I find somewhere to park and walk up the drive directly to the home owner who is sitting inside the garage.
Boxer nowhere in sight!
I say hello and point blank tell her that I am not here for her garage sale but that I want to meet her Boxer!
I could feel eyes on me from other people that were looking at garage sale items.
The lady's face LIT UP....a true Boxer mom. Always ready to chat about the loves of our lives!
She jumped up and told me to follow her. We headed inside her house and she introduced me to her 5 year old baby. I got Boxer hugs and kisses and a whole lot of wiggles.
I was in Heaven. lovicon
I told her that I had lost Cami recently and I was in need of a Boxer fix.
My business cards have a picture of her on them. It is my most favorite picture of her ever. Her face is the face of my business.
I offered her a card and told her that if she was ever in the need for a pet sitter or walker that I would be honored to hang out with her boy.
We chatted a bit about my services, I thanked her profusely for allowing me into her home and for sharing her boy with me.
I walked away with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.
Boxers are like milk. They do a body and MIND good.

I may never hear from her for business and that will be fine... but for a brief moment in time I got to close my eyes and remember with touch the feel of a Boxers athletic body, the familiar feeling of their coat and most importantly the presence of a wonderful soul.


Completely Boxer Crazy
That's awesome. There's definitely something about boxers that separate them from their other canine brothers. (Not that I don't love my other girls...) I'm sure she appreciated such a high compliment to her boy.


Boxer Insane
OK I'm tearing up a little over here. I'm so glad you got to bask in the love of a boxer today....they really are such kindred little souls.


Boxer Buddy
That’s so cool!!!! Yes, It couldn’t be truer, they do, do a body and mind good. The unconditional love they give..... I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!


Boxer Insane
I can close my eyes and see it clearly. I think I can even hear a very deep breath to drink in that "boxer" smell. I'm so happy you got some boxer lovin. Wish we were closer and you could spend some time with my Bode and we could talk boxer all day long :)


Boxer Buddy
Oh, Susi! I wish you lived closer to me! I'd talk to my bf and see if you could come visit Layla. If you came and let her jump on you, you'd be her new BFF for sure! Then you'd have to pay attention to the Pekingnese/Poodle mix (Buddy) and the Shih Tsu/Poodle mix (Pretty Girl, usually just called Purd) because they are attention hogs! I doubt Loverboy would come out of hiding, though.

I agree, there's no dog like a Boxer! And there's no better therapy for those who have lost their pets than to visit with others and relive the joy they can bring. People who decide to simply give up on having pets after such a traumatic and horrific experience are simply cheating themselves from the sweet release that can happen when they share space with an animal, even for just a few moments.
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