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Kelly Robinson

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Do you let your boxer on the sofas or beds? Also, can you train them to only use a bed and not the sofas? I think Buster is pretty smart but maybe I am unrealistic. I have let Buster sleep with me the last few nights but my husband says now he will want on all the furniture. He will be 3 in November (the dog not the husband) and has never been allowed on any furniture prior to this. What do you think? Do you think my husband is right?????? Thanks for your input.


Molly sits wherver she pleases, be it the beds, couches or floor. I am sure that you could teach Buster what furniture is ok and what furniture is not.

Good luck!


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Princess is allowed on some of the furniture and not others. She does really good about staying off of what she isn't allowed on. Of course when we leave the room for too long she may try to sneak up but usually jumps right off when she sees us coming, its actually really funny! Of course she is much younger then your baby so I would figure if you stick with the rules it should be ok.



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Chance and Maddie are allowed on all the furniture. I have to admit, they have ruined the couch and chair. They have put holes in it with their feet and Chance likes to lick his feet while laying on it when were not home (we come home to a soaking wet couch/chair). It was "cheaper furniture" so I really don't care. When we buy a house and get new furniture they will not be allowed on it (well maybe:rolleyes: ) My parents boxer is allowed on one chair the living room. Its a recliner that we call
"Cayenne's chair". He is not allowed on any other furniture in the house and he "obey's" that rule. So you can teach them to only go on certain things and not others, it will just take alittle training.


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We've never let any of our dogs in the past up on the furniture until we got Emma. I dont' really think I like it, but until we get new furniture, I guess I'm not that concerned about it yet. I definately think it's possible to teach them which is ok and which is not. It may be a little harder at first, but if you are consistant with teaching them what is not ok, he should figure it out. Good Luck! ;)


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My dogs do not get up on the furniture, not when I am home at least:LOL: It may be a little confusing, just wait and see what happens.


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Madison gets on any piece of furniture that she chooses. The loveseat and the chair/ottoman combination are her two favorite pieces. Our furniture was brand new when we got her and well, we'll probably be reupholstering it all very soon or relegating it to the computer room. I've already mended two places on the loveseat where she loves to lie down (on top like a cat)!! :rolleyes: In the meantime, I'm in the hunt for some slipcovers that will fit our oversized furniture............


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Yes, you can train the dog which furniture he is allowed to get on and that which he isn't allowed to get up on.

You need to teach reliable "up" and "off" commands. My dogs must be "invited" to get on the couch or bed. They do not get up on their own. They also know when I say "off" they must get off whatever furniture they are on. They are not allowed on my recliner ever and don't even try to get up on it.

Good luck


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Yes, I'm allowed to get up on Riley's furniture..... oops, that wasn't the right answer. Yes, Riley is allowed up on the furniture!! The bedrooms are closed off during the day (whether we're home or not), but he's allowed to go on whatever he wants. He does know the off command though so if he's wet or dirty we can tell him off and he'll get off. Good luck!!!

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Scrapper can get on whatever furniture he wants. Both couches are covered with fleeces at the ends for his relaxation. I'm absolutely confident that we could train him to stay off if we wished, but he looks so regal sitting there, it's an improvement to the decor. kingicon
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