Funny Ears

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Completely Boxer Crazy
Just wondering if anyone elses boxer does this...
My Boz's ears lay nice most of the time, but when he's playing or getting his pic taken he makes them stick out!! Most of my pics are like this and he just gets too excited to keep them down. He reminds me of a of the bad ones with the big ears :D


Completely Boxer Crazy
Tyson's are that way also, I have heard it called here " The flying nun look!" I thought that was pretty funny!:LOL:


Boxer Insane
Same here, Ozzy has Yoda ears sometimes, curlers when they are both back, sometimes one back one front:LOL: other times they just sit nice! We are always saying fix your ears now!


Boxer Booster
Biscuit and Earl do that too. They also do "elephant" ears. It happens when they get a little excited.:)

Rowdy Boys

Completely Boxer Crazy
Omar gets the "flying nun look" every now and then as well. He usually walks around with one ear flipped over because Magnum's been "cleaning" it for him again.:rolleyes:


Super Boxer
We call it "cute ears" when they stick out. We'll say "Look, Lexy has her cure ears on." It's my favorite thing when they make them stick out and tilt their head to one side . . . irresistable. :D
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