Full Run of home for FIRST Time

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I just needed to brag on my 7 month baby boy, and there is no other perfect place then HERE!!!

Chance had full run of the house for the first time ever for a little over an hour and was PERFECT!!! Literally perfect. NOTHING not his was touched. I was proud of him I felt like cryiny.

To aid in his first short stay at left him with one of those edible cheese bones ;). Although this pup keeps a chew something in every room which I finds to help him not chew on m skin kids toys.

Just wanted to let you guys know. Can't wait to let him have full run for the night. That will be awesome.


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Congrats to both of you appicon Did you work on training with him so he knows what is off limits to him? Duke is 6 months old today but I don't think we are close to letting him have free run of the house anytime soon.


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Yeah!! It's so nice when you can trust them!
My Louie has had full run of my house since he was 4 months old, and has NEVER chewed furniture, or anything bad. He's 11 months now and going strong. So that gives you something to look forward to hopefully. I think they sleep when we're gone for the most part...
Congrats! Hopefully he'll keep it up!


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Congratulations Chance! It must feel great to be able to trust your baby. I remember when our boxer got her freedom.:)

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I know how you feel. Joe got his Freedom yesterday and for 9 hrs....no problems thus far ;) I on the other hand was a nervous wreck all day long and could not wait to get home and see how he was or what he had done! I think he just slept in my sons room all day :D
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