Frontline, Advantage OR Bio Spot?

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Okay, Frontline kills fleas and ticks, and I beleive Advantage only does fleas. But Bio-spot is a lot cheaper and kills fleas and ticks. Is this correct? Does anyone use Bio spot? What is the differnce? At my vets office they dont even mention Bio-spot. WHY? Can anyone tell me anything about bio-spot? Good or Bad?


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dont waste your money on bio-spot, it does not work. I have tried it numerous times with no luck. I use frontline, and I know its expensive, especially with 4 dogs, but there is usually a special on it, buy 3 get 1 free or buy 6 get 2 free. I had asked me vet on it, and he even said it doesnt work.


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Frontline Plus

I use Frontline Plus on both my dogs. I asked my vet on Bio spot and he said, of course, it does not work as well. But what really got me was he said they are two different formulas, one for dogs and one for cats. I have five indoor cats, and if my dogs were to rube up on them with Bio spot, it could poison them. My vet said he had a few cases of poisoned cats last year. I don't think it killed the cats, but it made then sick.


I've tried them all and if you have a really sandy yard ,then they're lucky to last 3 weeks. Now they we have our yard treated the bio spot works just as good. My vet says that you just can't treat the dog and expect it to work you have to treat your yard and the house especially where they sleep.


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We've used Frontline and had great results.

Although it is expensive, it's worth it. My sis-in-law is always battling fleas. She's bought the collars, spray, powder, shampoo... nothing seems to work. My opinion is, once you spend all that money on useless products, you might as well use the Frontline in the first place.


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None of the above :)

We don't use anything - improving our dogs' overall health has helped tremendously, and we do give them garlic which has a nice side-effect of warding off pests.

If you must use something, use Frontline or Advantage. They are, of course, still chemicals entering your dogs' system, but they are "safer" than any other product on the market.

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I agree with Julie, we don't use anything, although we do bath them. We give them garlic (I also grow garlic and it helps keep pests from the garden). Also use cedar wherever you can. We put cedar baseboard in the "dog lounge" (porch) of our home and it works wonderful.

The yard thing works too. Keep your yard clean & there will be less varmits & pests. Eliminate standing water (including your pet dishes - fill them when they are out & empty them when you go in) Put flowers & other attracting plants on the exterior of your yard, not by your house. Don't keep full garbage cans hanging around, etc.

I try to not use any chemicals whenever possible and use organic stuff as much as possible.

Good luck!!


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The yard thing might work if you live in a climate that has a real winter. Here in the south we have winters that never get a significant freeze so the fleeas and ticks are never killed off, and if you spray to kill insects in your yard what chemicals are you exposing your dogs and other wildlife to. We use frontline and have had no problems with fleas.

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I admit I once tried the cheaper stuff mostly because I was too lazy to drive all the way to my vets and they dangle Bio Spot so conviently from shopping aisles everywhere. It really sucks. The main thing that I found which made me no longer want to use it was that it didn't go into their skin but and left an oily trail of slime most of which ended up on their beds and not on them. I was so groggy and confused when I saw it in the morning that at first I thought they both peed in their beds! But after the shower I came to realize that it was a just a big bio-spot, maybe thats how they came up with the name. :LOL:

I use frontline in the summer months we have a year round flea and tick season here, I find that the summers are worse and it is just so much easier to prevent than to get rid of them. For some reason I HATE ticks so I use frontline instead of advantage. During the "winter" here I just use it every other month.
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