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This question may sound kind of weird.

We just brought Cayman home last Friday. I work and am usually out of the house by 8 and back by 6. My boyfriend works from home and is mainly home with the dog.

Prior to owning the dog, I would leave from 8-10 (there abouts) for the gym every night.

My question is... since I'm home so rarely compared to my boyfriend, will it be likely that Cayman will only form the strong bond with his daddy and not me? Is there a way to prevent this? Any type of "quality time" which could improve my relationship with the dog?


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My husband goes to work from 4 am to 9 am so Joe ( 1year old male) is asleep most of the time his daddy is gone. I am gone all day however, and am always worried that Joe will love his dad more than his mom (and I had to BEG to get him in the first place). It has been my experience that he sees my husband as a playmate, and me as a nurturer, as I am the one who feeds him, gets up in the night to let him out, etc. This heiarchy works fine for me! Also, I make it a point to walk several times a week with Joe in the evening for exercise, so I am the one who frequently takes him for rides;) You will have to wait awhile to do this, as Cayman is so young, but it is very motivating to exercise when your boxer baby is waiting on you at the door when you get home from work, ready to walk! I rarely skip it because I know he is counting on going.


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I've noticed that my dog "prefers" one parent over the other depending on what he wants. If he's fired up and wants to play, he goes to Daddy. If he wants to cuddle or be spoiled, he comes to me. Anything you do with your dog will help him bond with you. My husband is currently unemployed and home all day with my dog, but that hasn't affected my bond with my dog. I'm still the one who feeds him and walks him, and that goes a long way even though my husband is the one who happens to be there all day. If you are really worried about it, though, be the one to feed him! My boy loves when I come home after work because he knows that means it's dinner time! (And same with getting up in the morning - he knows when I get out of bed, it's breakfast for him - daddy is still sleeping!)

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thanks for the replies!

right now, i'm in the situation where i do feed him and am the one who gets up first. i do also take him out when i'm home from work most of the night.

i'm just looking for some assurance that he won't love me any less since i'll be somewhat "absentee" compared to daddy :)


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My husband insists Cooper is "his dog", however I feed him both meals, take him out in the "wee" morning hours, took him to obedience classes and sacrifice "my side" of the bed to make room for "his dog". My husband however is the playmate and gets the "rough play", whereas Cooper doesn't demand that type of play from me. I get the lovies and easy play. I agree these babies have plenty of needs and they will figure out who to go to depending on their needs.

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I would say all three of our babies have a stronger bond with me, but then again, I am the one who:

1. Feeds them (obviously the most important of all :p )
2. Takes them O-U-T
3. Trains them
4. Bathes them
5. Takes them jogging
6. Administers any medication
7. Gives them the majority of the C-O-O-K-I-E-S
8. Puts P-E-A-N-U-T B-U-T-T-E-R in their K-O-N-G

See what I mean - wouldn't you love me too? :LOL:

Like some of the others have mentioned, I am the caregiver and Daddy is the playmate. They love our daughter like you wouldn't believe, but that is another completely different relationship as well.

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