Foreign Bodies - Stomach Surgery (LONG)

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My wife & I woke up Friday morning to Jack vomiting all over the bedroom floor. Once the light was on, I noticed that all the vomit was tinted with blood. Knowing something wasn't right, I made an appointment first thing with the vet. After taking X Rays there was some indication that Jack had a foreign body in his stomach. The vets first approach was to use an Endoscope and try to pull the material up through the throat. No luck. Now, knowing that there was something in there, they decided to open him up (now I am really worried). They opened his stomach to find several pieces of plastic (from a doggie door at his daycare). They also decided to go though all of his GI tract to make sure there was not anything else. Well, they found another piece of plastic in his intestines, just about to get into the colon. It was so tight in there, our vet said that if they hadn't gone into surgery, it probably would have broke through (she said that would've been a MAJOR problem). Fortunately the endoscope was not successful, because we wouldn't have known about his intestinal blockage until maybe too late. Jack came through surgery well, and thanks to BW, no ACE was used, I specifically asked for an alternative. He is still at the vet, my wife & I were able to visit him yesterday twice and once already this morning. If all goes well, he can come home Monday afternoon.

Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to share my story. Needless to say, he will not be attending that daycare anymore. We found out the day that happened, there was only one person on staff - for 40 + dogs... Wish us good luck during his recovery!


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Sending lots of healing vibes for your baby. Boxers are just like small children. Always into things and eating what they are not suppose to.


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You must have been so worried about poor Jack. What a terrible ordeal. Sending many healing vibes to Jack. May you have a speedy and complete recovery, JackDawg.


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Poor you two and poor Jack!
These boxers are so human like we think of them as our children....sometimes I think they need more supervision than 2 year olds!! They are so quick to get into things....Sending all healing thoughts to Jack and glad he is on the mend!!
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AW! Poor guy! I'm glad to hear everything went well, sound like he had some good docs working on him. :) Is the doggy daycare going to pay for any of the bill? You would have thought they would have noticed part of the gate missing and informed the dog owners that one of them ate it and to watch for signs. I would definately be speaking to the owner.


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Wow what an ordeal! I am glad to hear he is going to be ok, though. Silly boxers, they think the strangest things are good to eat... go figure. We are sending lots of speedy healing vibes your way :)


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Really glad that Jack is going to be ok. Why does everything have to taste soooo good to them! :)


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Here's to a fast, speedy and uneventful recovery!
Many sloppy Boxers kisses headed his way.
I would FOR SURE speak to the doggy daycare regarding this issue. Perhaps another dog can be spared the same fate. I would also re-read whatever contract you signed with them. Obviously supervision was not being done 100%---which should be done with multiple dogs together in one location. Assuming that it states something about them not being responsible for injuries sustained during play or a possible altercation with another dog it should also include something that they ARE responsible for providing adequate supervision. This would NOT have happened if they had been properly staffed with those staffers doing their jobs.
I know at this point you are more concerned for your pups welfare which is the most important thing but once you have had time to take a breath it might be a good idea to look into this matter further.


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Good luck. If it makes you feel any better my boy had that surgery done in mid November and within 2-3 weeks he was 100% recovered and no long term damage. He had eaten part of a blanket and there was a wad in his stomach plus some wrapped around his intestines (and inside) cinching off his intestines and a piece of plastic of somekind that would ordinarily have passed fine was stuck in the blanket and almost poked a hole in his intestines so I completely understand. It was a little more than a 3 hour surgery, he came home that night and where it was a LONG few days he made it through just fine and now that it's been 2 months the only visible memory is the 8 inch scar down his stomach.

They are VERY resilliant and your boy should be fine. He'll probably be on a bland diet (chicken and rice) and antibiotics for a couple of weeks, but given 2-3 weeks I'll be he'll be wanting to run jump and play just as he always has.

Best of luck to you guys and keep us updated!
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