Fords new Explorer

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According to the Detroit News , Fords new Explorer was inspired by, get this, a Boxer!

Taken from the article, " “The presence is different,” Golden added, noting that his 50-person team was inspired by “imaging research” that focused on — get ready — dogs and sturdy tables. The boxer, it turns out, proved to be an inspirational breed."

I wonder if the new truck drools in front , and I know Boxer has "Blowouts" even though they dont run on Firestone tires!

Read the entire story here

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They should have renamed it the Ford Boxer then!!

I know that boxer stance is one sturdy stance though. They did get that right. When Maggie takes that stance, I know no amount of tugging or begging will make her move!

Funny story. Thanks for sharing.

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That is really neat, and like Maggie's dad said that stance is sturdy!!

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LOL! Wow...boxers inspired an SUV...let's just hope they mad a nice comfy cozy boxer bed inside too hahaha :)

Ok guys...fess up...who actually had thoughts of buying an explorer because it was inspired by a boxer :D *giggle*


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I'm ordering one today! I have asked for a custom paint job though, flashy fawn, and I think I will leave the ears again. ;) ;)

I hope it doesn't want to share my bed, follow me into the bathroom, and only go where it wants to! Otherwise, I will spend the rest of my life at drive-up windows waiting for milk bones!

And what would be wrong with the 'face' looking like a boxer? That's the best part!

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We have an Explorer - and we got it especially for our Boxer. But wait until he finds out it looks like him!
I always thought Jeep or Jeepster would be a good name for a Boxer, especially the old ones.
What Mack and I *really* want
a Porsche Boxster - we know we would look really spiffy tooling around with the top down!


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rebelle's Mom:
LOL! ...fess up...who actually had thoughts of buying an explorer because it was inspired by a boxer :D *giggle*



[Enthusiatic raised hand of Badassboxer!] LOL!

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Boxer Crazy raises hand also!
(I'll have to start saving my money)
The wrinkles in the headliner fabric I'm sure are there on purpose - to look more like a boxer - don't you think???? LOL

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So that's why I love my Explorer?

They are alike in alot of ways.
1)Color is simalar (Red)
2)Cost me lots of money (toy & extras)
3)Both have gas
4)cost alot to feed them (gas prices)
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