FOr those of you who live in pa & those of you who dont, here is a good laugh!

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Life in Pennsylvania

I had to change some words (not approiate) but this is funny! I live in Pa so i can def. relate to this, i couldnt stop laughing



Moved to our new home in Pennsylvania. It is so beautiful here.
The town is so picturesque. Can hardly wait to see it
covered with snow. I LOVE IT HERE!

OCT. 14
Pennsylvania is the most beautiful place on earth. The leaves
are turning all different colors. I love the shades of red
and orange. Went for a ride through the hills and saw some
deer. They are so graceful. Certainly they are the most
peaceful animals on earth. This must be paradise. I LOVE

NOV. 21
Deer season will open soon. I can't imagine anyone wanting
to kill such an elegant creature. The very symbol of peace
and tranquility. Hope it will snow soon. I LOVE IT HERE!

DEC. 2
It snowed last night. Woke up to find everything blanketed
in white. It looked like a postcard. Went outside and
cleaned snow off the steps and shoveled the driveway. We had
a snowball fight today (I won). When the snowplow came by we
had to shovel the driveway again. What a beautiful place.
Mother Nature in perfect harmony. I LOVE IT HERE!

DEC. 12
More snow last night. I love it. The snowplow did his trick
again, that rascal. A winter wonderland. I LOVE IT HERE!

DEC. 19
Snowed again last night. Couldn't get out of the driveway to
get to work this time. I'm exhausted from shoveling. F@*#ing

DEC. 22
More of that white shit fell last night. I've got blisters
on my hands from shoveling. I think the snowplow hides
around the corner and waits until I'm done shoveling. That

DEC. 25
"White Christmas" my busted ass. Mother f*@#ing snow. If I
ever get my hands on that son-of-a-bitch who drives that
snowplow, I swear I will castrate the dumb b*#@ard. Don't
know why they don't use more salt on this f$#@ing ice.

DEC. 28
More of the same shit last night. Been inside since
Christmas Day except for when "Snowplow Harry" comes by.
Can't go anywhere. The car is buried in a mountain of white
shit. The weatherman says expect another 10 inches of this
shit tonight. Do you know how many shovels full of snow 10
inches is?

JAN. 1
Happy F@#*ing New Year. The weatherman was wrong (AGAIN).
We got 34 f*@#ing inches of snow this time. At this rate it
won't melt until the 4th of July. The snowplow got stuck
down the road and shit for brains had the balls to come to
the door and ask to borrow my shovel. I told him I broke 6
shovels already, shoveling out the shit he plowed into my
driveway. I broke the 7th shovel over his f*#$ing head.

JAN. 4
Finally got out of the house today. Went to the store to get
food and on the way back a deer ran out in front of the car
and I hit the f*&@er. Did about $3,000.00 damage to the
car. Wish the hunters would have killed them all last

Took the car to the garage in town today. Would you believe
the body is rotting away from all the f*&^ing salt they keep
dumping all over the roads. It really looks like a piece of

MAY 10
Moved to Florida today. I can't imagine why anyone in their
right f!@#ing mind would want to live in the God forsaken
State of Pennsylvania


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I lived in PA 45 mins outside of Philly in a little town called Telford and before that I lived in Bucks County. I HATE snow! I hate it when the plow pushes in more snow. I hate cabin fever which I get the second the first snow flake lands. Delaware does not get any snow at the coast. YEAH!
I am moving to Flordia in April!
But I will give PA this... it is a very pretty state. And I want to raise a family there.... Not any time soon.

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Olly, whewwwww, i thought you were going to yell at me for this, i bleeped out most of the really bad stuff, but everything in it is true. :)

I hate PA!!!!!!!!!!!!i want to move to somewhere other than this state :eek:


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I love it! LOL I was born and raised in PA and couldn't agree more! Thanks so much for the great chuckle - Roxy's looking at me like I'm nuts.

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HAHAHAHA!!!! I live in Md and its not much better some of the time. I HATE SNOW! I hate shoveling it. why dont it just rain.... you dont have to shovel rain!

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Kitten, If you lived here, you would probably hate the rain. You would be saying let it snow, let it snow!!! LOL We're supposed to get 50mm (2 inches)of rain tonight. :D

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...laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair!!!!!!! thanks. I lived in Pittsburg over 30 yrs ago. By Jan. I told my ex- husband the baby & I were moving to Texas & he was welcome to join us. Unfortunately, he came---hehe. Of course, now I bitch about how hot & HUMID Houston is---think I'll move up near Austin. It's still hotter than hell, but at least it's drier & prettier. At least I don't have to shovel the ^#>*< snow anymore!!

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