Foot wash

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Boxer Booster
Lucas gets itchy feet in the spring and summer. Of course, he starts licking and chewing on them, creating a cycle that doesn't let up until fall!

A long while ago I read somewhere about a "homemade" foot soak for dogs, containing listerine. I've lost the recipe. Does anyone know what it is?

I was going to try this and see how it goes...



Not heard of that one. My vet suggested epsom salt soaks for Chanceys wonky and itchy paw. Benedryl also helps with the itching and chewing.


Boxer Insane
Hope someone jumps in with the Listerine foot soak recipe - sounds interesting! Grunt gets itchy paws too from time to time, from tromping around in the grass and stuff that's fallen from trees. I use Virbac Epi-Soothe shampoo (just a couple of drops diluted in warm water in a basin) and another basin of warm clear water for rinsing. He really loves his foot baths!!


Boxer Pal
We do the Epsom Salt and Benedryl spray.. but i've heard listerine can do many strange things. Sounds interesting maybe worth a try.
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