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Has anyone ever flown with their boxer on an airplane (or flown one from one place to another)? If so, how did they react? Were they sedated? I'm asking because I would love to take my boxer girl (8 mos) with me when I go home to FL for Xmas vacation. My boyfriend is planning to take her home with him for the week anyway, but I would love to have her with me in FL so she can spend some time in the sunshine too =) I know flying must be very stressful on dogs so I didn't really consider it, but I would really appreciate any input anyone might have.


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Clover's flown once in her short life of 8 months - she seemed to do fine...was a little grumpy afterwards and took about 3 hours for her to warm back up to me, but she was okay. Actually she is flying with me at Christmas time, from LAX to Ohio, we'll be there for about a month.

You aren't suppose to give a seditive as there are unsure as to what the effects could be at that high of altitude. I've known some people who's dogs are okay with it, to give them benedryal (sp) to help just calm them down...they also have natural, herbal things for that as well.

Just make sure to check with the airline, some have temp. restrictions, other have kennel size restrictions...etc.


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My boyfriend is a pilot and we were talking about this the other day because we went to visit his family and I knew I would really miss Jake. We agreed that it would not be worth putting him through all that. What happens first is they put them in a van and drive them over to the plane. Then they put the crate on the carts that carry all the luggage and they sit there until they start loading the cargo area. While they are on the carts they are surrounded by alot of noise and may have to be out there in extreme weather(very cold or very hot). Then they are loaded into the cargo where it is very dark and deal with the flight alone and possibly scarred. The one thing they do that is good is they always inform the pilots that there is a animal in the cargo so the pilots make sure that the temperature in there is the same as the cabin. It is safe to do but I would not want Jake to have to go through all that. If I did have to make him fly I would have him sedaded. I hope that helps.


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One breeder i spoke to before we got Major has flown puppies as young as 13 weeks to Singapore & has had no problems, but she always informs the airlines of the value of the dog before she checks them in & gives them a big checklist, she also gave me a lot of pointers to check with the airfreight company when we flew major here from the other breeder we got him through...we used a specialised dog company to fly him here it cost alot more than us just having him stuck on the plane through the airline company but it was worth it he arrived here a full bundle of energy & well didnt appear stressed at all.. (though his flight was only a couple of hrs)...but if you really want him then I'd probably check if there is a local animal freight company that is recommended.

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