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This made me laugh as it is strange to see a docked let alone a cropped (only ever seen one cropped that was imported from the US) boxer over here. Have a search for some Australian Champions and you will get an idea of what the eventual All Natural American Champion will look like lol.


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Don't get me wrong both of mine have floppy ears and I like them, but I have to say I really do prefer the cropped look in most cases, and absolutely docked tail, not a fan of the long tail.

Personally (and I may be in the minority but...)I do prefer the docked and cropped look (as a general rule) on Boxers, Danes, Dobbies, etc.


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Have a search for some Australian Champions and you will get an idea of what the eventual All Natural American Champion will look like lol.

It won't happen, at least not for a long while. Natural ears, yes, it can and has happened. And it will happen in increasing frequency. However, the US breed standard is unequivocal on it's position of tails.
"The tail is set high, docked, and carried upward. An undocked tail should be severely penalized."

While an undocked tail isn't a disqualification, the wording of the standard would make finishing an undocked boxer near impossible in the US.


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Maybe one of the pro's here can answer this.....

I had read somewhere that dogs, like boxers, actually are better off with the tail docked due to them being so thin and not much meat on them ~ it can cause damage to the tail by banging it on things, thus causing damage to the tail bones and causing cancer. I did see some photos then of the cancerous tails due to this problem. They also said that this problem often is found in greyhounds and whippets where they have the same boney tails.

I know when I got Buster, he HAD a very boney tail and would "whip" it around, banging into the walls, doors, tables. The tip got broken off in the rescue kennel and when I got him it was infected and had to be removed. So I can understand the logic of docking boney tails. But is the reasoning behind it truthful?


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Not true ;) It's a myth that the pro-docking lobby put to the test and ended up disproving their own case with. After which, the number of countries banning docking has accelerated. Similar myths used to abound about cropping ears.

If you want to look at that sort of thing, forget the myths, legends and wishful thinking - look instead at the experiences in those countries where docking is no longer allowed. In case you wonder, no, those dogs do NOT commonly have problems with their tails (certainly no more often than docked dogs do).

Docking tails, like cropping ears, is nothing more or less than a cosmetic procedure that is down to owner preference. Some people have a problem with that, others don't. But it helps nobody to pretend that there is any other reason than what pleases the owner for doing it.
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