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I just found out that my Jake has fleas. I was rubbibng his stomach and i sen these black bugs crawling. I only seen 5 or 6 of them. I am freaking out big time and first time with fleas so i have no idea what to do.Luckily we had flea shampoo at home for dogs. so i gave him and my other dog Duke both baths. but i noticed there still on them. How do I treat my hose and what do i do for my dogs? Can use any helpful information please!


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You could also try Frontline. I use it on my boxer and she has never had a flea or tick. You might want to consider getting a pest control specialist to come spray your house and yard to kill any fleas that are remaining. I know that when my parents had flea problems with their dog they had to have someone come and spray several times to get rid of all of nasty buggers!


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if you saw 5-6 there are more. Any flecks on your dog that look like salt and pepper are flea eggs and feces. Magoo has never had fleas but back when I was in college one of my roomates cats got them and infested the entire house, it was awful!!
If you have carpet you need to get a carpet powder that kills fleas and put a flea collar in your vacuam bag you also need to clean every dusty surface in your house. Flea eggs can survive up to 3 months in your carpet. Also dog bedding anywhere the dogs go and sleep needs to be cleaned.
I don't mean to freak you out, but having lived with a flea infestation I can tell you the breed quickly and take over if you don't do something quickly. also your dog can get worms from ingesting one single flea. Maybe go to your local pet store and ask what products they recommend.
Good luck


I use Frontline Plus on my dogs and cat. They haven't had fleas or ticks at all. We use Hy Yeild Kill a Bug 2 on our yard once a year right when it starts getting warm. We just keep the dogs off of it until we have soaked the yard and it has dried completely. We also have carpet through out and you can do a test at night to check to see if you have fleas in your house. Get a night light or a small lamp and take the shade off. Put a pan or bowl of water and dishsoap mixture next to it and make sure all other lights are turned off. When you wake up the next day if you see fleas in the water you have a problem. The fleas will jump up at the "heat source" the light, thinking it is food and will land in the water.

Also when you bathe your pups, lather them up real good and let it stand on them for 10 minutes or so and the fleas will drown.

Hope this helps.


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I don't use chemical spot ons or shampoos on my dogs anymore. I fight the fleas with a little garlic, and some Neem and cedar shampoo. Good luck, those fleas are tough little buggers!
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