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I wanted to share a little story about our first adopted pet. While looking for Nelson, (which I have not found him yet), I called about an ad in the local newspaper about a found boxer. I called and a very concerned man answered. He asked me to describe the boxer. I told him I will describe my missing baby and he can let me know if he has Nelson or not. Well, unfortunately, the rescued boxer was not Nelson. The man stated that he witnessed, in front of his home, a mini van throw the boxer out of the vehicle. I was very sad about the cruelty that the abandoned boxer endured. Fortunately, he didn't have any physical injuries. The man informed me that he was a game warden and had many connections and was still trying to locate the mini van that threw the boxer out. He called me 2 days later and asked me if we found Nelson and if we wanted to come look at the abandoned boxer.
Still grieving over Nelson, we went. When we got there, we saw a fawn colored boxer with white and brown, a full tail, and sad little eyes. He seems to be about 6-8 months old, and an excellent temperment. He is not grown and has a lot of puppy in him. I cant get passed a boxer with a tail. He wouldn't take is eyes off of us while we were talking to the man who rescued him. We knew immediately we would adopt him. His new name is Murphy. He would not get into our Jeep Cherokee. My husband had to pick him up and put him into the car. When we got home, he crawled on all fours, dragging his belly for the first 5 minutes, then he crouched down for about another hour. He was very scared. I wonder what kind of life he had at his previous home.
He has taken up with our 6 daschunds, and 2 cats very well. We took him for a car ride when we went to hang more flyers for Nelson. He seemed nervous for a while, but saw that we were not going to throw him out. The man that rescued Murphy is helping us with our continued search for Nelson. I honestly didn't think I would adopt Murphy in the process, but I am glad we did!


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Wow, that is quite a story. I am so sorry to hear that Nelson is missing and I hope that you find him soon, safe and sound. It is wonderful that you have adopted Murphy and I am sure that he will be so happy to be in his new loving home. That is so great of you to take him in while looking for Nelson. Good Luck with the search for Nelson, I will be praying that you will find him soon!!!!


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I am so sorry that you have lost Nelson. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers for a safe return home. I am happy to hear that Murphy has found you. I am sure he'll be repaying your family time and again for giving him his forever home. Please keep us updated on Nelson - also I'd love to hear updated on Murphy too.

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I hope you find your precious Nelson. In the meantime, what a great thing to do, taking in Murphy. Please let us know about Nelson and Murphy. I'll pray to St. Anthony to help you find Nelson. Good luck with Murphy and hopefully you'll hear good news about Nelson.
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