first 5k!

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Betty's mom

Saturday was Betty's first 5k run. She did great. David actually did the run - got 2nd place in his age group! Betty and I walked, skipped, trotted, ran, and I also carried her part of the way. Good thing she weighs only 22 pounds! The race started @ 8am and the temp. was 25 degrees. But once we were off it didn't seem that cold.I bought Betty her first sweater, a blue turtleneck with white strips. She looked SO CUTE!!! Everybody there just loved her. She is quite a ham.
There were quite a few dogs there 3 of which were Boxers. A rottie came up to us and Betty jumped up and put her front paws on the rotties face - almost like a hug. Good thing that dog is well behaved because she could of taken Betty's face off! The Boxers were awesome! So well behaved and friendly. It's really funny to see Betty who is just 14 weeks meet adult Boxers!
She has a lot of work ahead of her before she can run with David. She was more into the other dogs and other people. Plus she hasn't figured out that she needs to stay on one side of me instead of circling me. We had a couple of 'almost falls.'
But, I would still say it was a great success! And when we got home she was POOPED!!!! She slept most of the day away.
I think it was the best 5k we ever did!


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Wow, that is great, I did the Disney 1/2 marathon last year and my male ran with me during training some.
It is so hot here in Florida though that I have to be careful. I would drink half the water from my bottle and he always got the last half. I feel safe with him with me. We have the race for the cure coming up and would love for him to do that with me but not sure if they would allow it. It is at the speedway in Daytona. They help drag you along when you start slowing down!


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I use Britany to propel me too. Last spring I did a 17 mile run. In training I took Britany with everyday. She loved it. But she couldnt do the run. Most runs around here do not allow it. The workouts are great with our high energy dogs!
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