Few training tips?

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Been working on it a little bit. We're sort of limited to in house training as it's been very cold here lately :( He's been getting better with even the basics of sit, down, stay, leave it and off though!


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I've been thinking about your boy.

And I came up with something I think I'd do if I were in your place.

Especially after reading the bit about him sitting at the other end of your couch (I think this was in another thread but don't remember which) while your girl snuggles up with you every chance she gets. It just seems like he isn't quite bonding with you completely.

Have you ever heard of the umbilical method? It is usually used for house training so you can keep an eye on the dog at all times. But I used it when I brought my dog home as a bonding mechanism. It's something that service dog teams often do when they first bring their dog home (even fully trained ones). The new dog learns his way around the rules of the house much quicker when he's constantly with you (unless he's confined to his den/crate). And he learns that you are his new world - a very important person to listen to and take care of... Kisaq stayed tethered to me for a full two weeks when he first came home, except when he was in his crate.

Of course, I only have one dog - so it might pose problems when you want to spend quality time with your girl. But it is a great way to form a tight bond. The dog gets constant input from you, even if the input is "just relax, I'm doing something else at the moment" ... and if he's crate trained as well, he learns that he doesn't have to be constantly with you all the time, but if you leave he should remain calm and composed and not start exploring the new toys hidden in various places about the house (ie: on the counter, behind the TV, etc!), that you will be back soon and both of you can go about your day then.

It's kind of a "starting off point" to NILIF (glad to hear you use that).

And for the counter tops - for cats you can put one of those carpet rugs (the ones with the pointy things on the bottom that holds them in place on the carpet) upside down on the counter. The pointy bits make it very unpleasant to walk on, so cats learn to stay off.
Don't know if it would work for a boxer. He might just learn to pull it off. :/
But you could try it.
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Cold? I think... all the better! Might improve his motivation to get the job done right and get out of the cold! Just saying. :)


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Luckily, Allie came pretty well trained! Dieter needs some work, and I often wonder about his past. He's been with three other owners before coming into my home (and he's only 1.5 years old). He has a questionable knobby scar on the top of his head and cowers if you tell him "no" then go near him. Breaks my heart wondering if he's ever been hit before.
Aww this is the doggie I was thinking about!

Three other owners?? Wow so either the dog has "issues" or just bad luck or incompatibility of some kind, no matter.

It looks like your doing exactly the same thing, I did (and wound up with issues 18 months down the road) and everybody else does when they get a new dog..perfunctory, introduction to the resident dog, here's the food here's the water theres you bed a couch if you want...make yourself at home!

Most people do that I did, sometimes you get lucky (no issues) sometimes you don't ( Big freaking issues!)

Your guy sitting away kinda shows no real bond, he's sorta like Oh well this is a nice place to be till it's time to move on again. :(

I want this guy to succeed, he's got no issue's wit your girl and that's great makes life easier but it's not enough. He needs to know that everything in his life comes from you!

I going to suggest that you register on the German Shepherd Board and search for "Two Week Shutdown." You can read about it without registering but if you register you can ask questions from people who have been here and done that.

You can read about it and see what you think, it's my policy going forward! I did'nt do it and had big time "issues" with my BullMastiff and GSD (after he had been in the home for 18 months without a problem!!!)

I really,really want to see this guy have a forever home and you can do more than depend on lucy to see that it happens for him!

Oh and I have given some thought to the counter surfing thing. Again I never had it as an issue but my guys had all the basics down and it was just never an issue. But while training I did notice that both my Boxer and Boxer mix both detested the down command!

See where I'm going with this? If you catch him going at the counter...the command is "down" and stay then release and treat.

You can bait the counter with a hotdog later to proof him and he would get a different treat for not counter surfing.

But the bonding issue needs to be addressed first! If you do the two week or one week shutdown there is no training or walks involved during this time!

Good luck to you all! :)


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This have been far from normal in my house, so real structure has been difficult to show him. (I have 4 extra people staying here temporarily, 3 of those being kids...ugh!) I have noticed that dieter has began bonding with me. He's been more cuddly and wanting to be close to me, but more importantly, he's began listening to commands much better! Mind you, there's still a bit of a road ahead of us, he's getting much better!

I had first introduced them on neutral ground, and that went well. When bringing him in, Allie was mostly accepting, just not so much with some of her toys or her people. Some toys have been put away so neither can use it as it would spark arguments/fights. Allie got way too protective with one of her bone toys, so it got put up. All other toys they actually play with together.

When it comes to feeding, they are fed at same time, but in different areas. Bowls are put up immediately after finishing so that nobody is digging in somebody else's bowl. I've had no issues with them over feeding this way.

When it comes to getting treats, Allie always receives hers first. Same with feeding actually, her bowl always gets put down first.

We've gone 4 days with no fights at all! Obviously dieter Is still put on a long tie out while outside, but we've been practicing come along with basic command quite a bit. I'll just randomly tell him to sit or down and he's almost always listens now!

If you've noticed I'm doing anything wrong in what I've written, please let me know!


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Forgot to say, I don't think Dieter has issues or is problematic from what I've seen. He seems to take awhile to really warm up and has a stubborn streak. Taking the time to actually work with him, he's picking up new things. We're learning "leave it" and "off" as well...those seem to be things he's never been taught!
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