Feeling guilty (long sorry)

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About a month ago we found that we had a flea problem. We decided to go a more natural way of dealing with the little buggers (because of our pets sensitivities to pesticides) and was having great success. We thought we were done when all of a sudden more appeared :( We could not figure out were they were coming from :confused:

So we decided to really clean the house. I mean deep deep cleaning were everything gets moved and stuff put on the ground to kill eggs and such. What a chore but worth it for my babies. We also went and got a pill of brewers yeast and garlic to start giving to them in hopes that this would help ward off any fleas from outside the home as we got ours clean.

Well within 24 hours Nala started scratching alot. I noticed these really red marks on her neck by her ear that looked like a blood blister but not raised but they were at the end of what looked like scratch markes from her nails. I was really concerned it was what we put on the floor so we limited her movements to the couch and our bed until i vacuumed again. The next day her neck was healing, looked good and i vacuumed whole house.

Well, a few hours later we heard Nala yelp and ran to find out what was wrong. She was scratching again :( So we looked at her neck again and Oh my gosh her neck looked like someone had taken needles to it. We removed her collar (which she only gets put on when we leave the house) and when we do we notice a finger size area that looks like the blood blister from the day before :(. then it hit me that it might be a hot spot. I have never seen a hot spot so i go looking to see if i can see what they look like and sure enough it is :( My poor baby, now i really start analizing everything we have changed in the last few days and the only thing that comes to mind is the brewers yeast and garlic tabs. So we started treating the hot spots and no more brewers yeast for Nala. The hot spots are now going away and she is no longer itching. We realized the fleas are in our vehicle so now its time to clean it completely and do the same thing we did to the house....grrrr. and no more car rides until they are gone, gone, gone.

Sorry this is so long. I feel horrible that we put her through such pain and didn't catch it right away. We know its the yeast now and will be staying away from that for the rest of her life. She has never had a reaction to garlic so we know thats not the culprit (limited amounts in past to ward off mosquitos during summer months).


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Poor Nala. I'm sure she'll be feeling a lot better with no more yeast to make her itchy. You had no way of knowing...and there's a chance that she could have been allergic to any sort of chemical flea prevention that you put on her as well.

We too are battling fleas. I *think* they are all gone now.....haven't seen any in a few days.

Good luck with your flea extermination. Nasty little buggers.
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