feeding my boxer puppy

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paula carter

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I was wandering if anyone could give me any advice on feeding my boxer puppy When should i change him to adult food he's 10 month and the vet said to change him now but i've also heard that this is to soon.


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I would make the switch now. Alot of BW members switched even earlier (like we did), or only offered an all life stages food from the get go.

Just make sure that you opt for one of the healthier choices. There are many threads here reguarding quality kibbles.


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I think your vet is right - you should switch your pup to an adult food.

A lot of people don't feed puppy formulas at all - they tend to be overloaded with protein and calcium in particular, which can be the cause of growth and joing problems in a lot of pups. IMO puppy formula is completely unneccessary.

Of those people who do choose to feed puppy foods, most switch to an adult formula around the 4-6 month mark. I think most breeders and vets will also recommend this - it's just the pet food manufacurers who suggest longer ;)
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